Artur Mas assures that “he does not have enough money” to pay the five million that the Court of Accounts asks for

The expresident of the Generalitat, Artur Mas , has responded with surprise and disgust to the two cars that the Court of Auditors has issued on Wednesday and in which he claims him and the exconsellers of his Government Joana Ortega, Irene Rigau and Francesc Homs , a total of 5.12 million euros for the 9N consultation .

“The performance of the Court of Accounts seems unusual and unpresentable” lamented a Mas who recalled that the case for 9N was already tried by criminal courts and both he, Ortega, Rigau and Homs were exonerated from the accusation of embezzlement public funds . “They want to re-judge us for something already judged, this shows that Spain is a state of no-law” has fueled the expresident.

In the event that the Prosecution Commission considers that there was an accounting liability during the 2014 consultation, Mas, Ortega, Rigau and Homs would have to deposit a bond covering the expenses of 9N, a total amount of 5,129,833 euros “If the State has some democratic decency left, I think they will come to the conclusion that this can not take place or travel” the expresident has confided, at the same time warning that he could not assume such a refund : “I do not have enough money to answer to five million euros, I do not have them, at all. ” “I do not even want to think that this could end like that,” he finished.

More compare Spain with Venezuela

In an act in favor of the referendum of 1-O in Andorra , Artur Mas said that the purpose of the Court of Auditors’ “is to put fear in the body and scare people to back off”. So much so that the former president of the Generalitat has compared the performance of the Spanish state with the Venezuelan situation . “In Venezuela there is a people that wants to vote and a government that did not want … and in the end people have voted. In Catalonia it is happening exactly the same and Mr. Rajoy is getting the face of President Maduro, “he has sentenced.