Berlin schools: AFD reporting portal: teachers protest with “self-report”

On Monday, the AfD wants to publish its “Complaints Portal” in Berlin, where students can view the teachers . The AfD can systematically collect the data of teachers who critically deal with the party – which could create a climate of fear in schools. In addition a part of the college (“36 teachers”) of the Kreuzberg Lina Morgenstern school has signed a letter – it is a kind of self-report. Two thirds of the college had signed. Other schools have also responded with the support of the initiative “Bildet Berlin!” found the way to the public ..

The letter, which went by post to the AfD faction in the House of Representatives, here in a slightly abridged form: “The undersigned use the means of self-advertisement, so that we appear on your list of denouncement of Berlin teachers. We do not want others bothering to contact you – we volunteer.

We attach great importance to being on this list because we will continue to ensure that students are empowered to understand the character of their party. Of course, we will do this in the classroom and are in line with the Beutelsbach Consensus and Article 1 of the Berlin Education Act.

“We will not be intimidated”

We will inform our students when members and officials of your party run racist, inhumane, sexist, historical revisionist, anti-Semitic or anti-democratic activities that endanger our peaceful coexistence in society. From history, we know that what begins with denunciation and intimidation ends with the detention of dissenters in camps .

For all these reasons, and because we are not intimidated, we would be honored if you could put our names on their list of denunciations. “

In a press release, teachers justify their self-admonition by saying that they “in any case talk to our students when a party is sexist, discriminating and decrying people, etc.