How to complete the application for a loan online

All the lenders have the same online application process, the steps are the same for everyone. Here we are going to give Advance Money as an example. The only difference in the way Advance Money is applied with the others is that they have the application in Spanish. The others do not.

Steps to complete the application and form for an online payday loan with Advance Money.

The application and the process is safe and private. Advance Money uses the most advanced and secure data encryption technology to protect your privacy to the maximum.

1- First of all click on this link that will take you to the provider’s page. There you can apply for a Advance Money loan of between $ 100 to $ 1000, from the comfort of your home through your computer or cell phone.

2- Once you are on the Web of said provider, look up on the right side, this is what you will see, click on the link that says ES, which means Spanish.

3- Complete the initial information which is: Loan amount, zip code, first and last name and your email address. Then click on the orange button to where it says start now

4- Now you will see this screen with the virtual form to start your loan application completely in Spanish. Each step provides an easy reference to your progress. When you finish filling it, click on the green button where it says Finish the application.

5- After this your request will be received instantly and then sent to the lender that best suits your own needs.

6- This pending because between 5 to 10 minutes will send you an email in which you will find the phone number of the lender who approved you and a reference number. To speed things up, call the lender and provide the reference number. At this point, the lender will inform you how your approval was, the amount of money, what is the exact cost, interest, terms and conditions of the loan that has been offered. If any information or document is missing at this time, you will be asked.

7- Some, but not all, individual lenders may require that you fax them additional information as part of their Advance Money loan, such as a copy of a recent paycheck or bank statement. This will depend on each lender. If you do not have access to a fax machine or if you need a printer to get copies of documents, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and other stores offer fax and printing services.

8- If you agree with everything, you will be sent the final documents via email so that you sign them electronically (you must sign your name with the computer keyboard). This being the last step, the cash will be deposited within one business day and electronically to your bank account.

Keep in mind that Advance Money and all the other entities mentioned in this Web, operate totally online. That is, you can complete the application online only. It can not be done over the phone nor is there a physical place to complete it.


How to borrow money from a friend


Banks are qualified to make loans to companies and individuals, but to do so, it is essential to offer guarantees and meet the requirements that the financial institution determines as requirements to enable the loan.

Borrow money from a friend

Borrow money from a friend

The appropriated credits have increased a lot in the last times, but that modality of loan that for the banks is one of the safest, the applicant needs to be a client of the bank or be a public official, retired or pensioner of the social security to be considered for the service, but that is not the scenario of all those who lack capital.

For those who do not have sources of guarantee, formal employment or who are with credit restriction and in need of money urgently, the most real possibility is to borrow from a friend. Borrowing money is a source of shame for most people. The reasons for this consternation are tied to pride, because when asking to be exposed, which for many people is cause for shame when contemplating the fact that other people will know their true situation. Another reason that overwhelms is knowing the right moment to speak to the friend so that he feels compassion and does not reject the request.

In fact it is a matter that takes away the sleep of many people, but there is no reason to keep originating so much congola, after all, if the friend does not lend, he will quickly find out.

When you talk about the loan with your friend, tell him or her beforehand that both you and him or her meet alone because the participation of third parties at that time will only lend to increase the conflict you feel about touching the issue. Also, being alone will give the friend more freedom to respond. Speak clearly without creating detours to get to the point. This behavior suggests that the value to request is very high and creates negative expectations of suspense.

Before speaking with your friend, take out the accounts and examine how much it will delay in paying and, if you paid in installments, how many would be. It is essential to discuss, exposing solutions on your part and goodwill to fulfill your commitment.

Take a positive position in front of him / her, look him in the eyes and talk calmly, as if you were talking about another confidential topic. The friend will perceive from his body reading that he has real intentions to fulfill the commitment to pay.

Keep in mind: it is very fundamental in fact to pay if you manage to get the money borrowed so as not to lose your friend, if the need arises in the future, you will have a vote of confidence from him / her.


Compare credits Personal Loan Cetelem, Flexible Credit Ferratum

Compare credits Personal Loan Cetelem, Flexible Credit Ferratum


Cetelem Personal Loan # Contract

Flexible Credit Ferratum  Contract




Type of loan


Credit line

Credit for:



Source of income







Minimum amount

€ 6,000

€ 100

Maximum amount

€ 60,000

€ 500

Maximum amount existing customers

€ 1,000

Minimum term

12 months

1 month


8 years

The maximum repayment term may vary depending on the amount requested:

For loans of € 10,000 or more, the maximum term is 96 months

For loans of less than € 10,000, the maximum term is 60 months

For Debt Reunification loan, the maximum term is 120 months

26 months

Accepts ASNEF or similar





Summary reviews

The users usually mention:

Application without changing bank

Comfortable sending of documentation

Improved customer service

Nominal Interest Rate (TIN)



TAE Comment

Example of a TAE for a loan of € 12,000 to be repaid in 96 months for the reform of the home.

The APR may vary depending on the purpose, the amount and the term from 6.12% to 14.82%

TAE example of a provision of 1,000 euros with a repayment period of 4 months.

TIN comment

The interest rate applied may vary depending on the purpose of the loan and its amount and term:

For new and used car and home renovations: 6.95% – 9.90% TIN (6.12% – 10.36% APR)

For debt reunification: 10.90% – 13.90% TIN (11.48% – 14.82% APR)

For other purposes: 6.95% – 9.90% TIN (7.18% – 10.36% APR)

Interest rate of 0.283% daily

Annual Equivalent Rate (APR)



Addressed to:

All customers

Requires guarantee

No warranty

No warranty

Minimum age

18 years

25 years

Maximum age

65 years old

70 years

Tax residence


No. of connections



Where to hire


Maximum number of holders

1 person

Request without paperwork


Hiring process

Click on the “Request Information” button

Choose the amount we need and the return period

Fill out the online form

Verification of identity and bank

Read carefully and sign the contract

How is it returned

Transfer to account

Card charge

Allows early return


Allows lack

Possibility of up to two non-consecutive deficiencies per year