Cifuentes: The PP, the only one that guarantees that money is where it needs to be

The candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, said today that the PP is “the only party” that guarantees that the money is “where it has to be”, and has warned that “not all parties are the same, nor are they the same, nor do they propose the same things”.

This is what Cifuentes referred to at an event in Arganda del Rey, where she was accompanied by the Vice President of the Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, who agreed that “one way of governing is not the same as another.”

Cifuentes has ensured that the PP is the only party “with principles and values” that knows “what needs to be done to get Spain out of the crisis”, unlike other opposition parties that suggest measures that “are going to report more prejudices than benefits. “

In this sense, he has referred to some measures proposed by the Citizens party, such as the VAT increase of three percent, or the inheritance and donation tax that will “affect” the people of Madrid.

For all this, has defended the policy of the PP, which already during the last two legislatures has lowered taxes in the Community of Madrid, as it has done the Government of the nation “when it has been and when the situation has allowed” .

In summary, he pointed out that only his party can improve the quality of life of citizens, ahead of the party of Citizens with its “ambiguity”, the socialist party, or “much less IU, which at this moment is in full moment of integration”.

The candidate added that there has been “not a single moment” in which she felt “ashamed” of being a member of the PP, although she admitted feeling ashamed of “some” ex-partners of the formation who have “taken advantage of” their militancy. to “enrich” or commit acts that “have nothing to do with the PP.”

Cifuentes has defended “absolutely all” the governments of the PP in the Community of Madrid, because there have been “magnificent” presidents such as Esperanza Aguirre and Ignacio González “, but has indicated that” now we must improve “and propose a model of” closeness ” with the citizens.

Next, Cifuentes has alluded to the “laws of ethics” and has recognized that the party “has suffered a lot for unworthy people” who “did not deserve” to share militancy in the PP.

For this reason, he recalled that in his program he has included his commitment to take political responsibilities if “each and every” of the included measures are not met.

He also recalled other points of his program, such as the reduction of the number of regional deputies and the elimination of the appraisal, among other issues.

“I want and dream of a fairer, more competitive and balanced community,” said the candidate, who has promised that, in order to achieve this, she will promote a “public and quality” health, an education that guarantees freedom of choice and a lowering of taxes “without exclusions and without exclusion”.