Teacher protest against “complaint portal” in Berlin: eleven confessions to the AfD

Moving into the Berlin faculty movement: Shortly before the planned Berlin Monday launch of AfD “grievance platform” against “ideologically one-sided” teachers circulate open letters to the party and faction in which colleges or individual teachers oppose the “intimidation” and their Report “offense” on your own. If the launch of the platform succeeds in Berlin, it would be the third state in which the AfD tries to gather information about teacher statements in this way. The announced for Friday launch of the Brandenburg platform failed . The Berlin education administration announced that it would ask the data protection officer “to review the admissibility of the AfD project”.

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Two teachers from Westend wrote the letter

“We confess that we did not treat the era of National Socialism as a small, bird’s nest”, says an open letter published on Friday about the Berlin teacher initiative “Bildet Berlin” . It was written by Florian Quaiser and Steffen Schulz-Lorenz, two teachers of the Charlottenburg Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium, who addressed him to the “dear ladies and gentlemen of the Berlin AfD”.

In the letter the teachers write that they wanted to “take the work off” and “confess” to the AfD. This is followed by a catalog of eleven “confessions” with an attached form for signature lists, which can be completed by the teachers and sent to “Bildet Berlin!” By December 15th.

The confessions in the original sound

To the “confessions” counts,

– “that we have consistently invoked Article 3 of the Basic Law and have not allowed discrimination in the classroom because of color, origin, political or religious convictions”;

– “that we have addressed linguistic taboos on the part of your party and other people as such in the classroom, because racist and discriminatory statements must be named as such in our country,

– “that in our teaching we did not accept the complex theme of migration as an explanation for all problems in Germany”;

– “that in our teaching we have actively used products of the media you oppose and examined their diversity and diversity”;

– “that in our lessons we have analyzed and interpreted obvious lies, scientific half-truths and general inaccuracies in sources over all the centuries, and

– “that we consider to develop a longitudinal section on the topic of denunciation in different historical epochs (Roman Republic – Inquisition in the Middle Ages – National Socialism – Germany 2018 ‘).

“We want to hand over all the collected signatures together,” announced the spokesman for the initiative, Florian Bublys, against the Tagesspiegel.

Scheeres: “Poison for the school climate”

“The AfD pretends to protect the principle of neutrality, but in reality it wants to instrumentalize schools for their own purposes,” said Berlin’s Senator for Education Sandra Scheeres (SPD) on Friday. The AfD goal of “pillorying politically unpopular teachers” sowed mistrust, encouraged denunciation and poisoned the school climate . “I very much hope that the Berlin parents and students do not participate in such a project. As a principal, my administration will best assist affected teachers, “the Senator announced. Among other things, the Berlin AfD had justified its vote for the complaints platform by saying that it had been “excluded” in the context of the U18 election, which turned out to be a false claim after Tagesspiegel research.

Primary school warns of “frightening”

The Berlin Primary Education Association also warned against the AfD portal, which promotes “denunciation, denigration and frightening”. He called for “resolutely opposing these actions. Like teachers of the Kreuzberg Lina Morgenstern School, he recalled paragraph 1 of the Education Act, which states that children should be empowered to “resolutely oppose” the ideology of National Socialism and all other political doctrines that seek tyranny.