Termination Gym – Doomed To Fitness

After new judgment is no longer so easy to come out of a contract with the gym

If you want to become a member of a gym, do not rush to sign a contract. After a new judgment, a longer-term planning is appropriate. Because when moving, the studio can now insist that the long-term contract is paid to the end.

So far it has usually been the case that the gyms have dismissed members from the contract when they moved and therefore could no longer visit the studio. Exceptions: If the gym was a chain and there was also a branch in the new place of residence, a dismissal from the contract was not necessary.

This has now changed after a ruling by the Federal Court: Moving is no longer a reason for premature termination at a gym. Anyone who has signed a long-term contract and has to move, must expect that the gym until the end of the minimum contract period to see his money (Federal Court, file number: XII ZR 62/15). A “mere change of residence” does not justify the termination of the contract, the judges say.

In gyms minimum contract periods of 1 or 2 years are customary. Anyone who has to move suddenly, for example, because he has to change jobs or is transferred, then may pay many months money without the studio can use. Therefore, you should now plan as accurately as possible and take a few precautions to avoid unnecessary costs as possible. Here are your options:

  • Gym without a contract with 10 cards: If you are not 100% sure if you will be in the next 12 or 24 months in the city, complete no long-term contracts. You can also use gyms without a contract. Many studios offer – even if they do not advertise – 10-card, which you can use. If you only want to go to the studio once a week anyway, it will sometimes even be cheaper.
  • Signing with a chain : But if you want to have a contract because you often go to the studio, look for a chain with as many branches as possible. In the case of a move, the chance is great that the new location is also a studio that you can continue to visit.

Remember also: Termination of the gym is no longer possible when moving. If you’re concerned, talk to your studio anyway. One or the other operator will not necessarily insist on the performance of the contract and, gracefully, you will be dismissed from the contract.

Good to know: A move is after the judgment no reason to terminate the contract prematurely. But if the training is no longer eligible for health reasons and you can prove that by a certificate, you have a special right of termination.