Tudanca warns that “Operation Tangier” is a reflection “of the way of doing politics of the PP”

The general secretary of PSOECyL, Luis Tudanca, has ensured that the ‘Operation Tangled’ is nothing more than the reflection “of the way the PP has to do politics” and that the “corruption” is “impregnated” in the party, At the same time, he asks Citizens for “height of vision” to get Antonio Silván out of the City Hall of Leon and return the “dignity” that he deserves to the institution.

This has been stated, in statements collected by Europa Press, during his visit to the Beekeeping Food Fair XI and the XIV Vega de Espinareda Craft Fair where he has again described as “obscene” and “difficult to explain” the conversations that have come out in light of the leonine businessman, José Luis Ulibarri, with the councilor and the Minister of Development and Environment, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones.

“The talks by Quiñones and Silván are obscene and can not be explained, and they say a lot about how the PP is impregnated with corruption and its way of doing politics, using public money to punish through the media the politicians who did not bend to their interests, “he lamented.

At this point, he insisted that it is not just “conversations”, but a “concrete modus operandi”, a way of “proceeding” that is not “casual” and that has confronted the way of acting “blunt” and fulminating “of his party in this plot.

However, Tudanca has ensured that the PSOE will fight to restore “dignity” to the institutions, which is why it has influenced the party “will be up to” what the citizens in León claim. “We are going to wait for Silván’s explanations on Tuesday in the plenary session, if he can give any,” he said to encourage Ciudadanos, “who has not had a lot of vision until now”, to support the “political regeneration” to through a motion of censure because ending this situation “does not depend only” on the socialists.


On the other hand, the head of the PSOE of Castilla y León, has opted for a “compatible and fair” energy transition with the mining basins. Hence he insisted that since the formation they are trying to recover the “lost time” during the last seven years and “protect” a sector that has been “abandoned” where there are only 400 miners out of the 15,000 that were, a situation that has described as “drama”.

That is why he has acknowledged having called on the Government of Pedro Sanchez to “take care of the people who live in the basins”, since they need “flexible alternatives and exits” because that transition “is not a whim”, but rather an objective with the that it is necessary to be “committed”, and, in addition, it can become an opportunity for “new employment niches”.

It has also been referred to the Ciuden, an initiative that must be launched to “achieve a cleaner coal”, but in the last budget of the PP only had a contribution of “9,000 euros.” “The Ciuden has to become the message that reflects that it is still betting because there are alternative projects in these basins”, he has summarized.

In addition, Tudanca has returned to flying the flag of the fight against depopulation, an objective with which, “for two months,” the Community has a “new ally” as is the Government of Pedro Sánchez and with which they intend to endow to the rural environment of tourism and economic development alternatives, through the creation of employment and the maintenance of services to “stop this drain”.

A goal for which he has asked the rest of institutions, the Board and Provincial Councils, “to row in the same direction” and to accompany some municipalities that in most of the occasions have been “very lonely”.