Valenciana and Murcia join efforts to “grievance” in financing and water

The Region of Valencia and the Region of Murcia are committed today to join efforts against the current “grievance” suffered by both territories in terms of regional financing, water and infrastructure, especially the Mediterranean Corridor.

This has been shown after a meeting of more than an hour in Alicante the Valencian presidents, the socialist Ximo Puig, and Murcia, the popular Fernando Lopez Miras, who have highlighted the “new path of collaboration” between both territories, above of the differences they may have for the different political sign.

Puig and López Miras have signed agreements on financing, water resources and infrastructures, which they will defend in different areas to try to correct the current situation that generates “inequality and lack of opportunities” to the Valencian and Murcian inhabitants.

For president Puig, “if the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia had adequate financing, they would have a growth of more than 4 percent”, which is “a reality that generates a profound lack of equity and a problem for Spain”.

It has continued that the new financing system “must be born on the basis of agreement” between the territories and the political parties to “end injustice of previous models” and taking into account “that there is an action on the debt”.

In this sense, has pointed out that the debt of the Valencian and Murcian communities is not due in recent years to a situation “of default for mismanagement” but to lack “enough” money since, he stressed, “with the same resources that the average, we would have fulfilled “.

In the words of the Murcian López Miras, both communities are “discriminated against” since 2009, year since “the injustice of a financing system suffers” that is “unfair and unsupportive”, and that in the case of the Murcia region is reflected in which each year 250 million euros are received less than the average, with only a worse financed autonomy, which has said that it is precisely the Valencian.

López Miras has argued that this “continuous mistreatment of Valencia and Murcia must be corrected based on a majority agreement” and has given as an example that “80 percent of the debt (of the Region) is a consequence of this financing system.”

Water is the second subject that has occupied the longest summit between Puig and López Miras, a matter in which the Valencian president recalled that these two autonomies do not “squander” and do ask for “an effort in infrastructure and solidarity between communities to a water quality that does not stop the development “because” there are still possibilities of growth and to improve the export capacity “.

In this matter, the Murcian president stressed that water is one of the “tools” fundamental for the development of the Region and the Region, and stressed that the agri-food sector of its territory uses 3 percent of the water available to generate 20 percent of the Spanish exports of fruit and vegetables.

Therefore, it has appealed to a National Water Pact based on solidarity and to pivot on efficient use, since it believes that “today in Spain there is enough water to supply all Spaniards: to drink, for industries and crops “, but what happens is that” it is poorly distributed “.

The deficiencies in infrastructures have been the third matter of consensus in these two communities of the peninsular southeast, and they have demanded especially the completion of the Mediterranean Corridor with the argument that the competitiveness of their economies depends on it.

“It is a capital infrastructure for the growth of the whole country and to articulate the Mediterranean,” said Puig, fully in tune with his Murcian counterpart.