Monthly Archives: July 2021

How much should you contribute to your 401 (k)?

When it comes to how much someone should contribute to their 401 (k) account, the best answer is usually as much as they can. But this amount may vary depending on your age and current financial situation. Additionally, the pre-tax annual contribution limit for 2021 is $ 19,500, although older …

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Audi’s new drift mode will send their cars sideways

The four rings of Audi are almost synonymous with their Quattro all-wheel drive. A pioneer in all-wheel drive through his Audi Quattro rally car, a monster from the Group B era. The first iteration ran on the world stage for the competition. Slowly but surely, rally cars switched to all-wheel …

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How to save on your next car loan

When shopping for a new set of wheels, your first stop shouldn’t be at the dealership. While many people start their dealership process at the dealership, you will benefit from a lower rate, easier loan application, and other benefits by choosing to finance your car with your fund. This is …

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