Albon expects visibility issues with new 18-inch tires – Motorsport Week

Alexander Albon says he expects visibility problems on certain tracks in the upcoming 2022 Formula 1 season.

F1 introduces 18-inch tires for this year, as well as new technical regulations related to the car’s aerodynamics.

Deflectors above the tires are part of new car designs this year, including the new Williams FW44 that launched earlier this week.

The car had its first shakedown after its public unveiling when it hit the Silverstone track on Tuesday.

Albon believes that on street circuits, unless drivers look into the distance, they will be forced to deal with poor visibility.

“[At the FW44 shakedown] we kind of had the worst of it [visbility]a dark, gloomy, wet day at Silverstone,” said Albon.

“But it wasn’t that bad. I think we will have more problems when we go on street tracks, when we get to Monaco, Baku, Jeddah, those will be the tricky ones.

“Because on the open track you can see far ahead. With the tire blind spots and deflectors, it takes away a lot of immediate vision, like looking into the corner.

“So in the end you actually look further around the corner, where on a street past a wall there are only more walls. That’s why you don’t see much around it.

“So I think that’s going to be the tricky one and also just combat driving, I think that’s also going to be a bit trickier to see where you are, where the front wing is, where your tires are.

“That might be a bit trickier.”

Albon returns to F1 this year with Williams after spending the 2021 season as Red Bull’s test and reserve driver.

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