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Many Athens residents may find it difficult to pay their bills each month, but they pay considerably less than the national average.

Doxo Insights, a Seattle-based company that offers bill payment services, provides detailed statistics on national and regional household bills each year. The study compiled data on 10 types of spending in more than 4,000 cities.

The average monthly payment per household in Athens was $1,488. This ranks 220th out of 247 in Texas listed in the survey. The national average was $2,003. Texas was worth an average of $1,956. The most expensive city to live in Texas was South Lake, $3,655. The cheapest was Mercedes, $1,104.

Other towns in the region were Mabank, $1,711; Palestine, $1,642, Jacksonville, 1,555 and Corsica, $1,523.

Doxo’s bill breakdown for Athens shows the different costs for the city, followed by the national average:

Mortgage – $922 – $1,368

Rent – $853 – $1129

Car loans – $303 – $433

Utilities – $271 to $328

Health insurance – $97 – $123

Car insurance – $286 – $197

Cable and Internet – $110 – $114

Mobile phone – $123 – $113

Alarm and Security – $47 – 84

Life insurance – $50 – $82

Of all cities and towns, the most common bill residents pay is for a car loan. Next closely in second is a cell phone bill.

Housing expenses are the biggest bills Henderson County residents pay. Car loans are the second largest of the 10 most common bills for local residents. The average car loan bill in Athens is $303 per month, compared to a national average of $433. Doxo says this may be partially attributable to car choice: larger, more expensive vehicles cost individuals more in terms of monthly repayments.

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