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Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) filed a complaint with the BJP company Dharampal Meshram last month for abusing the Aapli bus for a political morcha.
Although Meshram denies having received a notice, sources in the NMC’s transportation division confirmed that the complaint was filed with the company’s office.
At a press conference, Meshram claimed the notice was served on him following instructions from District Guardian Minister Nitin Raut to NMC’s additional local commissioner, Deepak Meena.
He went on to say that the NMC administration has no authority to complain about presence to an elected representative. He claimed Meena abused his position at the NMC. “Meena used the NMC car (MH31 / BZ317) for his private trip to Gondia on September 18 this year. According to the NMC rule, no vehicle owned by the citizen is allowed to leave the city limits without the permission of the mayor and the town commissioner, ”Meshram said.
The corporation also claimed that when the NMC driver referred the rule to Meena, he allegedly transferred the former. “Despite NMC’s weak financial position, Meena is said to have forced the city council to renovate its chamber on the first floor of the administrative building,” said Meshram.
After using 60 Aapli buses to transport affected citizens of a state government, the additional municipal commissioner had, according to Meshram, delivered an emergency report to two officials from the traffic office. He further pointed out that Meena had no authority to intervene in the transport department.
When asked, Meshram said he had not used the buses for free. “I paid the required fare of 3,000 rupees for each bus used to transport the affected Ramai Gharkul Yojna beneficiaries,” he said.
He went on to claim that even Congress used the MSRTC buses for their national leaders’ public meetings in the city. “We have never played dirty politics,” he claimed.
Additional Commissioner Meena rejected the allegations made by Meshram. “I have never abused my power. I am following the work that the Ombudsman has entrusted me, ”he said.
About driving the NMC car to Gondia, Meena said that he had obtained prior approval from his manager. He also made it clear that all employees in his department have been transferred in accordance with the procedure.

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