Canadian rally racers Stanick, Willetts and Bailey make SCORE debuts at the Baja 400

That SCORE International Baja 400 on 13./14. September will get a northern infusion as the #203 Trophy Truck Spec entry is an all Canadian lineup, led by ken stanick With Jamie Willetts and Jason Bailey. It will be their first foray into SCORE competition as they will see if their rally experience translates to desert racing.

Stanick, the Driver of Record, competes primarily in the Canadian Rally Championship‘s Open 4WD category in a Subaru. He is currently thirteenth overall after completing two of the first three heats. The 52-year-old North Vancouver native also has experience in the United States with the American Rally Associationincluding winning in the ARA West Championship and compete in the North American Rally Cup (a joint championship between CRC and ARA) and the Northwest Rally Association.

Outside of racing he is familiar with extreme sports from paragliding to kayaking. In 2003 he became runner-up Yukon River Questthe longest kayak marathon in the world.

Stanick spent Thursday testing a Brenthel Trophy Truck for the 400. He wrote in an Instagram story that he “was dizzy” about the experience and the truck was “[t]The craziest toy I’ve ever played with”.

His Baja teammates also race in CRC, with Willetts serving primarily as a passenger while Bailey races in the 2WD open class. Willetts won the 2020 ARA West Overall and O2WD Championships and is currently working with him David Clark in ARA and Graham Bruce in the O4WD of the CRC. Bailey started his CRC career in 2013 in the underperforming “FrankenSAAB” 1968 SAAB 96 before working his way up to a Ford Fiesta and winning for the first time in 2017; He has four career class wins and the 2021 CRC 2WD title.

Bailey and Willetts have also teamed up to compete in ARA events. While Bailey is fourth in 2WD points, Willetts is nineteenth in the passenger standings.

“SCORE welcomes its international competitors and expects racers from up to 10 countries for this race, including several from Canada”, reads out a statement from the sanctions authority.

While not as numerous as its United States, Mexico, and Latin and South American counterparts, Canada has seen more than its share of SCORE entries over the years. The 2021 Baja 1000 saw Darrin Rideout from Ontario finishes sixth in the Pro Moto Ironman class, a feat that Lawrence Hacking—first Canadian to finish the Dakar Rally when he did so in 2001—called “one of the truly heroic achievements in endurance sports.” brothers Karl and Marc Edbrupwho, like Stanick, are from British Columbia ride in class 10 with Karl, who once remarked “Being Canadian and getting both feet involved in desert racing couldn’t be more stressful.”

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