Canon Professional Services Zoom on photographers at Safari Rally Kenya 2022

Revolutionary technology and world-class service for fast action photographers

Canon’s high-performance devices are designed for absolute precision and outstanding performance, and the company strives to give photographers and videographers the opportunity to be in sync with the latest technology and photography. Among the many benefits offered to CPS members are exclusive offers on products and services, and access to inspirational events and experiences, in addition to fast service and repairs for their equipment. During Safari Rally 2022, photographers were able to rent high-end cameras and lens gear, and the brand ran a special offer on the Canon EOS R3 bundled with an EF/RF adapter and the R5C bundled with a 512 Extreme Pro card and a reader through. 54 photographers rented 21 bodies and 33 lenses, while 52 took the opportunity to have their camera equipment checked and cleaned. The latest from Canon’s PRO photo series was also presented here – the R3, R5C and EOSR5C were able to combine quality, voice, video and overall performance, further narrowing the boundary between photography and videography.

For award-winning documentary photographer and Canon representative at the WRC, John Wambugu, The Safari Rally brought back great childhood memories. The world-famous event, touted as the toughest on the WRC circuit, returned in 2021 after a 19-year hiatus. The spectacular motorsport tournament filled the Kenyan spectators with excitement and joy.

“As a Canon representative, the highlight for me was interacting directly with the photographers, extending the brand’s support to them and demonstrating our commitment as a company. Sports photography is not possible without the cutting-edge technology from companies like Canon, allowing us to bring out the magic and freeze the adrenaline rush and adventure,” said Wambugu. “This time my kit of choice was the Canon EOS 1DX Mark 111 and f2.8 L 70-200mm lens/f2.8 L 16-35mm. When the mechanical shutter fires while you set focus on the AI ​​servo and you hear the roar of the motors… nothing beats that moment. You won’t miss any action. It is an extraordinarily memorable experience that photographers cherish.”

Bridging the gap between the product and users

WRC is a perfect venue to showcase a wider range of technology products that fuel the indomitable spirit of photographers in Africa

The fast shutter speed that Canon’s technology offers meant photographers could capture the moments without missing a thing, and the weatherproof bodies and lenses were well suited to both dusty and rainy environments. Composition is everything. At the end of the day, a shot—even at a high frame rate—must have its own unique story. Capturing the subject’s environment and its elements such as dust, rain, mud, wildlife, landscapes, etc. is also crucial as it adds to the story you are portraying. Canon emphasizes innovative technologies, the 1DX series, R3 and R5C were selected for their speed, quality and high performance and were big winners. In terms of print, too, the pro-300/pro-1000 was the main attraction as a photographic companion for professionals.

In line with its philosophy of “kyosei” or “living and working together for the common good”, Canon reaffirms its commitment to Africa by launching two revolutionary products – EOS R3 and EOS R5 C, known as the R-Tour project. Speaking at the presentation, Amine Djouahra, Director of Sales and Marketing, Canon Central and North Africa said: “We are delighted to be supporting the Safari Rally in Kenya. Our customers and fans are right in the middle of the action and bring their pictures to life. Canon has always supported sports photographers, and this launch is another of our efforts to bring innovative digital technology to the continent and improve photographers’ images. We have an excellent opportunity to engage directly and meaningfully with our valuable user base. WRC is a perfect place to showcase a broader range of technology products that fuel the indomitable spirit of photographers in Africa.”

CPS constantly strives to bridge the gap between the product and its consumers through local online and offline engagements and workshops. In June, CPS invited sports photographers to participate in one of three weekly Sports Masterclass photo workshops. Many accredited local photographers at the rally benefited from the workshops which improved the overall quality of their results.

Redefine the EMEA market

Canon aims to strengthen its position in Africa by nurturing local talent and providing opportunities on a global scale, empowering communities through various workshops and targeted training to nurture new and existing African talent across genres of video, photography and print.

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