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The new fintech “lever” tackles debt negotiation

Eighty-nine percent of Australians did not view debt negotiation as a means of financial aid under the new leverage. Data from the University of Melbourne also shows that many Australians go into debt because of simple daily expenses such as telephone, utility and internet bills. This despite the decline in …

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You can get your credit score, but you may need to pay for it

A Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study in 2012 found that most consumers who performed well under one rating model generally performed well on other models. But a “substantial minority” could see large variations, he said, so consumers “should avoid relying on the scores they buy as the sole basis for …

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Credit union tax exemption is vital for economic success

Source: Shutterstock As Americans continue to pick up the pieces of COVID-19, bank lobbyists persist in trying to eliminate competition. These banking business groups have engaged in bogus attacks on the credit union tax exemption, calling for its elimination. But what would happen if the tax exemption was removed? A …

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