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“So that the driver is not allowed to have a separate switch for adding the boost or an indication of how the boost could come, for example, it must be integrated into the torque path so that you have a combination of combustion engine and electric.” Motor to a torque combined, which is linearized by the pedal card.

“And this is how it has to be used, so effectively, when you have the boost available, you have a combination of motor and motor together and if not, you only have the motor.”

Now we know more about how to use the boost, how to stop it? By braking?

“That’s right,” said Fowler. “You regenerate during normal braking, but if you release while accelerating and touch the brakes, you must stop the release, much like touching the brakes when you have cruise control on Autobahn, it could be disabled. It’s practically the same situation. “

So here we are. Hopefully this will provide a better understanding of how the hybrid system works in Rally1 cars.

But it is worth remembering, this is the theory. Could things be changed in practice? Quite possible, and there are a lot of experienced drivers who all have to get used to this new way of driving.

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The Package, F1 Fallout, and Newer Events – The Athletic https://otagorally.net/the-package-f1-fallout-and-newer-events-the-athletic/ Tue, 04 Jan 2022 12:37:55 +0000 https://otagorally.net/the-package-f1-fallout-and-newer-events-the-athletic/

Five thoughts after an eventful month of December in the racing world …

1. The package, edition 2022

In a breathtaking reversal, NASCAR abandoned its low horsepower / high downforce philosophy in December after spending the past few years cementing the concept as the definition of NASCAR racing on larger tracks.

It wasn’t until the season finale in November that I asked NASCAR President Steve Phelps if he’d like to double the concept behind the 550-horsepower rule package for his upcoming next-gen car – which was developed to keep the race close on larger tracks despite the large number of fans and keep taut (and an even higher percentage of motorists) who express their displeasure with it.

Phelps said, “Do you think the race is good or not? Our fan advice data suggests the answer is yes. Is there a vocal minority who say they don’t like a 550-horsepower package (and) they want to see 750-plus (horsepower)? Absolutely. I would go beyond the eye test – I would go to the dates. The data suggests we have better races right now than ever before. “

But as it turned out, the tests of the rule package with the next-gen car on the track didn’t support that idea. The speeds around Charlotte Motor Speedway during the initial test were slower than the subordinate ARCA production cars – totally unsuitable for the world’s best stock car racing series. Meanwhile, both the drivers and the data made it clear that the race would potentially be terrible in such conditions – single races, minor overtaking maneuvers, and boring shows in the weeks and months after the Next Gen started.

Thankfully, NASCAR didn’t enforce the problem by trying persistently to push through lower horsepower. We can all debate whether it should have existed at all, but the more important development is NASCAR’s willingness to adapt.

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1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B is auctioned https://otagorally.net/1998-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-22b-is-auctioned/ Thu, 30 Dec 2021 01:02:56 +0000 https://otagorally.net/1998-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-22b-is-auctioned/

ONE very rare 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B will be auctioned next month on behalf of the federal government.

The Subaru was seized under the Proceed of Crime laws and is being sold by Liquid Asset Management under the direction of the Australian Financial Security Agency.

The Impreza WRX STI 22B is build number 132 of only 425 examples built and a personal import from Japan – where most of the cars were sold.

Records also show that this vehicle received its compliance label in 2008, with its Victorian registration listed as revoked in July 2017 – around the time the vehicle was confiscated along with a large collection of other exotic cars.

The 22B is considered the most coveted Subaru of all time and one of the most sought-after Japanese hero cars of the era, the prices of which have skyrocketed in recent years.

One example sold for AU $ 424,000 on the U.S. website in April 2021 Bring a trailer, while another vehicle was sold privately through UK dealer Appreciating Classics after being advertised for AU $ 526,000 (although the price paid remains unknown).


The 22B was designed to celebrate Subaru’s rally successes and its 40th anniversary, with 400 made for the Japanese market, 16 for the UK and just five for Australia. Three were prototypes and one is said to have been held by Subaru.

Subaru Australia also kept one for themselves, selling the other four to collectors for $ 125,000 each – more than three times the then price of a regular WRX.

The wide-body coupé is powered by a 2.2-liter four-cylinder boxer engine with turbocharging, which has an output of 206 kW and 363 Nm – however, this has been controversial since then, as many suspect that its performance values ​​are much higher than the manufacturer’s specifications.

C 1998 Subaru 22 BS Ti Impreza 2 Door Coupe Auction for sale 13


The power is transmitted to all four wheels via an adjustable center differential via a 5-speed manual gearbox with a close gear ratio, with the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h being completed in 4.7 seconds.

Designed as an enthusiast’s car, the 22B dispensed with air conditioning and a radio to save weight and further improve performance over the two-door WRX STI Type R on which it is based.

The auction for this 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B will end on January 27, 2022 at 1 p.m. You can see the list here.

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Lappi gets to know the new GR Yaris https://otagorally.net/lappi-gets-to-know-the-new-gr-yaris/ Tue, 28 Dec 2021 09:23:02 +0000 https://otagorally.net/lappi-gets-to-know-the-new-gr-yaris/

Lappi will share Toyota’s third car with eight-time champion Sébastien Ogier in 2022 and drove the all-new hybrid machine for the first time last month.

The Finn immediately understood the differences between the Yaris World Rally Car, with which he took a sensational fourth place at the Secto Automotive Rally Finland in early October.

“It felt different after Finland,” he said. “The transmission is similar to the R5 (Rally2) car and maybe the driving style should go more in that direction. There is of course the extra weight, but also the extra power. It’s a rally car, so no problem.

“We drove a car with a lot of different things, a lot of different parts. It was more of a development test, shall we say. It was very good to be here again. “

Lappi shares the trips with Sébastien Ogier (picture above)

In addition to the use of hybrid drive on certain sections of the link in the next year, drivers can use the 100 kW units to achieve a temporary increase in performance during the special stages. Lappi admitted that timing the boost would not be easy.

“Use [the hybrid power] won’t be easy, ”he explained. “On the test track you understand better where you use it and how you need it, but for the stages you have to prepare for the stages more than ever.

“You have to choose the strategy for the stage and that makes things more difficult in many ways,” he added.

Eleven new hybrid rally1 cars for Monte-Carlo

Eleven new Hybrid-Rally1 cars in the set …

Eleven Rally1 cars with hybrid drive are expected to take part in the opening round of the new FIA World Rally Championship in Monte-Carlo …

Continue reading

Lappi will not start the season opener at the Monte-Carlo Rally next month (January 20-23). His program has yet to be determined by the team but it is almost certain that he will be in Sweden in the second round.

“This is probably the next test for me,” he said. “I think I’ll be racing on our own test track in Finland and then the pre-event [test] in Sweden.

“I’m not sure what the program will be yet, but I’ll do my job next year helping the team win the Manufacturers’ title again and that’s it.”

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A newly converted rally legend – Ford Escort Mk2 https://otagorally.net/a-newly-converted-rally-legend-ford-escort-mk2/ Sun, 26 Dec 2021 10:37:06 +0000 https://otagorally.net/a-newly-converted-rally-legend-ford-escort-mk2/

This 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 has been carefully rebuilt from scratch by its Australian owner.

The Ford Escort Mk2 was designed to replace the Mk1 Escort, one of the most popular cars in Europe when it was in production and a famous successful car on the racetracks and rally stages of Europe.

Fast facts – The Ford Escort Mk2

  • The Ford Escort Mk2 was launched in 1974 as a joint project between Fork UK and Ford Germany. It used the same basic interior unibody, powertrain options, and chassis as the outgoing Mk1.
  • The replacement of the Mk1 Escort was a mammoth task, it became a legendary vehicle during its lifetime and one of the most successful rally cars of all time.
  • Although very different from the Mk1, under the exterior body panels, the Mk2 is almost the same car and continued the Mk1’s winning streak.
  • Both Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts are among the most popular creations from Ford’s European operations today in the 1960s and 1970s.

The arrival of the escort

When the Ford Escort originally launched in 1968 as a replacement for the outgoing Ford Anglia, it was a revelation. It had a modern styling, a stiff unibody chassis, had a more powerful engine selection and was available as a two-door, four-door and station wagon (station wagon).

Image descriptionThis is the Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico, a special version of the car created to celebrate victory in the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup rally. Image courtesy Ford UK.

What nobody really expected was the success of the escort in motorsport, especially in rallying. During its active years, from 1968 to the mid-1970s, the Mk1 Escort won a number of rallies and races, becoming one of the most successful rally cars of all time.

This success was despite the car’s relatively simple suspension with MacPherson struts in the front and a rigid axle on leaf springs in the rear.

Ultimately, Ford would sell well over two million copies of the Mk1 Escort. By the mid-1970s it was clear that the rumor was out of date, and so a project was embarked on to bring out a new escort that would be known as the Mk2 or Mark II. The first escort then became known retrospectively as the Mk1.

Big shoes to fill in – the Mk2 escort arrives

The Mk2 Ford Escort was introduced for sale in January 1975 with an all-new, no-nonsense styling that was much more in vogue in the mid-1970s.

Somewhat controversial, they decided not to change much of the Escort under the new outer body panels, it kept the same inner unibody and much to the chagrin of many, it kept the same rigid axle on the leaf spring rear suspension.

Ford Escort Mk2 1

Image descriptionThis Escort has been rebuilt from scratch, but it is still equipped with its (overhauled) original matching-number engine.

It offered the same body options as the Mk1, including a two-door, four-door, van back and station wagon. The original engine options were also offered, although expanded during production, offering larger and more powerful engines, including the popular Ford Pinto 2.0 liter and the 2.0 liter Cosworth BDG.

Despite the rapid development in the world of rallying in the 1970s, the Ford Escort Mk2 proved to be shockingly resilient, in the 1979 World Rally Championship (WRC) season the Mk2 Escort Ford won the manufacturer’s title with Björn Waldegård taking the driver’s title in his Mk2, followed by Hannu Mikkola in a Mk2 in second place and Ari Vatanen in a Mk2 in fifth place.

Vatanen would win the drivers’ title in a Mk2 against the might of the Audi Quattro in 1982, a remarkable feat of driving in every way and a good indication of how brilliant a properly sized Mk2 can be.

Ford replaced the Mk2 with the third generation Escort in 1980, this was a completely new car with an all new unibody body and a front-wheel drive layout instead of rear-wheel drive. None of the escorts released after the original Mk1 and Mk2 ever achieved a level of notoriety comparable to that of their ancestors.

The 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 shown here

During the production of the Mk2, Escort Australia had its own manufacturing facilities and the model proved to be a bestseller in the country and in neighboring New Zealand.

Ford Escort Mk2 16th

Image descriptionThis is the 2.0 Pinto in-line four-cylinder engine which has proven to be a popular high-performance engine in the Escort and is a remarkable improvement over the Kent in-line four-cylinder.

The escort pictured here has been converted to a high standard in Australia by its current owner over the years. The steel unibody body was soda-blasted down to the bare metal, all rusted parts were replaced with new sheet steel and then repainted in Nitrous Blue.

The original 2.0-liter Pinto four-cylinder in-line engine was upgraded with an improved FR32 camshaft kit, two FAJS (Weber replica) 48mm carburetors, wound steel pipe elbows, a three-core aluminum radiator, a new clutch, and a starter high level rebuilt engine and fuel pump.

The car has been fitted with new moldings and rubber throughout, it has four Cibie headlights installed in the front and it has carbon front quarter bumpers, a carbon rear bumper and a carbon duck lip spoiler on the rear.

It now runs on JBW RS4 13 inch alloy wheels with new Federal Super Steel tires. Inside, it has a three-spoke Momo steering wheel, Recaro bucket seats, carbon door cards, and a custom dashboard with an aftermarket cluster.

This escort is now up for sale by Collecting Cars in a live online auction. If you want to learn more or register to bid, you can click here to view the list.

Ford Escort Mk2 12
Ford Escort Mk2 20th
Ford Escort Mk2 15th
Ford Escort Mk2 13
Ford Escort Mk2 12
Ford Escort Mk2 6
Ford Escort Mk2 5
Ford Escort Mk2 4
Ford Escort Mk2 3
Ford Escort Mk2 2nd
Ford Escort Mk2
Ford Escort Mk2 11
Ford Escort Mk2 10
Ford Escort Mk2 18th
Ford Escort Mk2 9
Ford Escort Mk2 8
Ford Escort Mk2 17th

Images courtesy of Collecting Cars

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Ten of the best used cars to buy for less than £ 40,000 https://otagorally.net/ten-of-the-best-used-cars-to-buy-for-less-than-40000/ Fri, 24 Dec 2021 17:48:06 +0000 https://otagorally.net/ten-of-the-best-used-cars-to-buy-for-less-than-40000/

And we’re breaking back to reality with the most famous, recommendable and obvious choice that 40 grand can offer you – a 911 Turbo.

Well, getting the really wanted one – the 997 Turbo – for less than 40 grand takes a bit of haggling, but the rise from the 996 era extends beyond fried egg headlights and bargain interiors. There are turbochargers with variable geometry for 60 hp more at the top end and about 100 percent more always-on shove than the old 996. Thanks to aluminum sheets instead of steel, more than 40 kg less have to be lugged around.

OK, so it’s a step up from the car it replaced. But we assume it’s also an advance on the car it replaced.

To be completely honest, the 997 was the last time a 911 was the right size – every 911 after that, as wonderful as it was, lost that irreplaceable and overlooked stroke of genius that made the 911 a real, everyday supercar: its tiny dimensions. After all, even with the wider track turbo specification and flared wheel arches, it was no wider than an E90 3 Series and no longer than a Prius. Driving like a regular car is a breeze because it’s the size of a regular car and the visibility of … you guessed it.

Oh, and a vicious turnaround in speed, ready to hold even the best in the business honest. In case you’re wondering, it’s faster than the Noble M12 on the Top Gear test track, too. Really, the 911 Turbo is like DiCaprio – the most obvious choice, yes, but also with infallible, inviolable talent to back it up.

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Tesla shares rebound after CEO Musk says he sold “enough” shares https://otagorally.net/tesla-shares-rebound-after-ceo-musk-says-he-sold-enough-shares/ Wed, 22 Dec 2021 19:00:00 +0000 https://otagorally.net/tesla-shares-rebound-after-ceo-musk-says-he-sold-enough-shares/

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, speaks at his company’s Fremont, California factory on June 22, 2012 as the automaker began shipping its Model S electric sedan. REUTERS / Noah Berger

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San Francisco, Dec. 22 (Reuters) – Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) shares rose 6% on Wednesday after CEO Elon Musk said in an interview that he had sold “enough shares” after the billionaire sold several weeks of shares.

Musk gave conflicting statements Tuesday and Wednesday on whether or not he could cope with his stated goal of selling 10% of his shares.

“I sold enough stocks to get around 10% plus the option exercise and I tried to be extremely literal here,” he said Tuesday in an interview with the conservative satirical website Babylon Bee.

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But on Wednesday he suggested that he may not be done selling stocks. “This assumes the completion of the 10b sale,” he tweeted, possibly referring to his pre-arranged sales plan regarding his options.

Under Rule 10b5-1 trading plan drawn up in September, he has exercised stock options that expire next year and sold some of the shares to pay taxes, according to Tesla filings.

Musk said on Nov. 6 that he would sell 10% of his stake if Twitter users agreed. Tesla shares, which had hovered near record highs, lost about a quarter of their value shortly afterwards.

After a spate of sales, Musk still has more than 3 million stock options that expire next August.

On Tuesday, Musk sold an additional 934,091 shares, dumping a total of 13.8 million shares – just under the 17 million shares he was supposed to sell.

Tesla stock rose 6.2% to $ 996.65 on Wednesday afternoon, from an earlier high of $ 1,015.66.

When asked if he had sold the stock based on the Twitter poll, he said Tuesday that he would have to exercise “no matter what” stock options that expire next year. He added that he had sold additional “incremental stocks” to hit nearly 10%.

Of the 13.8 million shares sold, 8.4 million were sold to pay taxes related to its option exercise, according to Tesla’s securities filings.

On Sunday he said on Twitter that he would pay more than $ 11 billion in taxes this year.

Musk, who moved the company’s headquarters from California to Texas earlier this month, also criticized California for “over-taxing” and “over-regulation” in an interview on Tuesday.

“California used to be the land of opportunity and now it is … even more so, the land of over-regulation, excessive litigation and over-taxation,” he said, adding that it is “increasingly difficult to get things done” in California.

He said his personal tax rate is over 50%, which would include federal and state income taxes. Musk said last year that he moved from California to Texas, where he doesn’t have to pay income tax.

Musk also said the “metaverse,” a technology buzzword referring to shared virtual environments, is not mandatory, adding that playing video games with glasses can lead to motion sickness. “Sure, you can put a television on your face.”

“I think we are far from disappearing into the Metaverse.

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Reporting by Hyunjoo Jin in San Francisco Additional reporting by Ben Klayman in Detroit and Noel Randewich in Oakland, California. Editing by Bernadette Baum and Matthew Lewis

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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India at the Dakar Rally https://otagorally.net/india-at-the-dakar-rally/ Tue, 21 Dec 2021 08:00:40 +0000 https://otagorally.net/india-at-the-dakar-rally/

CS Santosh – that is probably the first name that most Indians think of when someone mentions the Dakar Rally. After all, Santosh was the one who put India on the Dakar map. But what is the Dakar Rally about? Put simply, it is an off-road endurance event in which participants cover 800 to 900 kilometers a day through much more difficult terrain than in conventional rallies. The Dakar Rally has been around since 1977, but it wasn’t until 2015, after almost four decades, that India set the tone at the rally. This is courtesy of CS Santosh, who became the first Indian to win the race in 36th place. finishedthat Position. And that’s nothing short of a big win for a rookie, considering how exhausting the rally really is. But that was just the beginning. Let’s look at all the feathers on India’s hat since then.

Photo credit: Hero MotoCorp

In 2015, the same year Santosh broke new ground, TVS, based in Chennai, partnered with Sherco Racing, a French and Spanish bicycle manufacturer. At the rally, Sherco-TVS representatives, Alain Duclos and Fabien Planet, 25that and 29that, or.


Photo credit: TVS

In 2016, things started to develop for Bangalore-born CS Santosh. This year, Suzuki Europe decided to support the budding rally driver for the Dakar. Unfortunately, he had to end the race early because of a major technical defect on his motorcycle. However, Sherco TVS drivers made it to 23. to endapprox and 27that, save the day for India.


Photo credit: Hero MotoCorp

2017 was a big year for India. The first Indian manufacturer and driver came together as a team to compete in the irreconcilable Dakar Rally. Hero MotoCorp has teamed up with Speedbrain GmbH, a German off-road racing specialist responsible for the development of the BMW G 450 and the Husqvarna TE 449 RR. After the tie-up, the Hero MotoSports team was born along with the Hero 450RR, which is essentially an updated version of the Speedbrian 450 Rally. With a brilliant bike available from Hero, the company passed the baton to three rider ace – Oriol Mena Valdearcos, Joaquim Rodrigues (JRod) and CS Santosh. So it’s no wonder that all three drivers crossed the finish line in one go with their respective motorcycles. Of the trio, JRod finished the race with a commendable 10th place. CS Santosh finished 47th and was the only Indian driver to finish the Dakar Rally that year, which is an achievement in itself. At the TVS camp, Joan Pedero and Adrien Metge finished 13that and 22nd, or in the same year Aravind KP from TVS Racing signed up for the team and made his debut. However, he had to give up prematurely due to an injury.


Photo credit: Hero MotoCorp

In 2018, Hero MotoCorp riders Oriol Mena and CS Santosh crossed the finish line in a respectable 7 inchesthat and 34that Positions. Meanwhile, Sherco TVS driver Juan Pedrero also took 11th placethat Position.


Photo credit: TVS

0 Remarks

The world took a nasty pause shortly afterwards and the Dakar Rally could not be held for two years. Fast forward to 2021, fans could feel their knees pounding when CS Santosh had an almost fatal crash in phase 4. But that didn’t stop India from making a name for itself in the campaign. Harith Noah made it on his second Dakar excursion, 20th to endthat at the end of the 12th stage. He is the only Indian who has finished the race of the season.

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Junkyard jewel: 1979 Fiat Brava sedan https://otagorally.net/junkyard-jewel-1979-fiat-brava-sedan/ Sun, 19 Dec 2021 15:13:19 +0000 https://otagorally.net/junkyard-jewel-1979-fiat-brava-sedan/

Since I started spending too much time crawling around in junk yards around 40 years ago, one thing has been constant: a constant supply of Fiat 124 Sport Spiders and X1 / 9s, scattered among the boring Econoboxes. Those cars were shinier in the early 1980s, but they’re just as easy to find at your local Ewe Pullet today. Of course, the current generation of the Fiat 500 has been with us for a decade and so the days of the shiny junk Fiats have returned for us. But what about that other Fiat models that were sold here before the company left our shores in 1982? I’ve found 128 discarded and even a couple of 850s on occasion, but the rear-wheel drive Fiat sedans of the 1970s and 1980s are all but extinct. I don’t expect to ever find a junkyard 130, but this year I have have managed to spot a pair of 131s (which were labeled Bravas during their final years in North America). Here’s one of those cars that’s now in a Denver yard.

Unusually in the case of a junkyard gem, I know something about the history of that Brava. In 2019 the owner of a beloved Fiat workshop passed away and all 75 Fiats (plus a few Alfa Romeos and Lancias) in the store’s yard were auctioned off at a bargain price. I did my best to get the word out about these cars and some were saved. In this photo above you can see our motif, which is waiting for its new home.

It had a lot of surface rust from decades of sitting outside, but not a lot of really alarming corrosion. It was bought for a few hundred dollars – at most – and towed there, along with a white ’79 Brava limousine nearby.

Perhaps the buyer or buyers of these two bravas planned to turn them over for a profit, or perhaps the intent was to repair and sell them. Two years later, they both park on the same boneyard north of downtown Denver. I suspect anyone in Front Range Colorado who wanted an old Fiat sedan already has a half-dozen, and the 20-hour tow to places like Chicago or San Francisco is just too daunting for Fiat fanatics in those places to come here and buy a car.

The 131 / Brava could be bought new in the USA from model years 1976 to 1981. In 1979, the list price of a carburettor Brava sedan was $ 7,583 (about $ 30,860 in $ 2021). That was much cheaper than its similarly sized BMW 320i rival, which cost $ 11,810, though the lush, more powerful Datsun 810 sedan must have stolen some sales of both types this year.

Speaking of performance, this car had … some. The 2.0-liter Fiat Twin Cam sounded wonderful, but it only had 86 horses in 1979. The 320i developed 110 hp that year, while the 810 had the in-line six-cylinder and 120 horses of a Z-car. Still, the Brava’s excellent handling made up for its lackluster performance on the drag strip.

If you wanted to be cool in 1979, your car needed a sunroof. That meant leaks, but what’s the point?

Five-speed manual transmissions were still a bit unusual in the late 1970s (the four-speed manual was the base manual in most cars in the U.S. market at the time), and the Brava had one. A GM three-speed automatic was also available, but you could get that in a new Chevy Nova at about half the cost of a Brava (with a V8 if you were at it).

Rare, but not valuable. Next stop: the crusher.

It is the descendant of the Fiat 520 from 1928!

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Toyota GR Yaris: a real driver’s car https://otagorally.net/toyota-gr-yaris-a-real-drivers-car/ Sat, 18 Dec 2021 00:01:00 +0000 https://otagorally.net/toyota-gr-yaris-a-real-drivers-car/

ÖIn the last idyllic weeks leading up to the lockdown (and it’s on its way, don’t worry) I’ve driven a lot of what might generally be called SUVs, and I’m a little bit bored with them. beautiful as they can be. We can all have too much of a good thing, including chocolate cake. The ubiquitous SUV is more of a dominant, rapidly multiplying, cleverly evolving variant of the coronavirus that sometimes has coupé or even convertible-like features and brings existing strains (analogous to normal hatches, states and sedans) to extinction.

There are plenty out there, so I have to say that my “diet” was a bit the same, although there are many variations on the subject – electric, hybrid, diesel, gasoline, sportier, budget and luxury. In no particular order, these new products included Honda HR-V, Ford Mustang Mach-e, Dacia Duster, MG HS, Genesis GV80, Volvo XC40 Recharge, and Bentley Bentayga. After crouching high on top of this pile of big, heavy, and – relatively – clumsy stuff, I wanted something like an antidote, an amuse bouche, to invigorate the dulled palate. Hence the Toyota GR Yaris.

Note the nomenclature. This is not a Toyota Yaris GR, which would just mean another trim level of a standard Yaris or a slightly upgraded performance version. No. The GR Yaris has remarkably little in common with the standard Yaris, as powerful as it is. In fact, the GR Yaris is much closer to the Toyota world rally championship model in which Toyota drives. For example, it has a different, lower roof, which is all the better for aerodynamics, and is made of lightweight forged carbon. The aluminum bonnet, door panels, tailgate and housing for the manual transmission provide additional lightness.

With its functional body kit – not only functional for posing – it is wider, longer and wider than the standard Yaris and the rear half consists of a Toyota Corolla to cope with the power and a grippy standard all-wheel drive. It weighs 1.3 tons, which is slim by modern standards.


Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Package

Price: £ 33,520 (as tested; offer starts at £ 30,200)

Engine power: 1.6 liters of gasoline; 6-speed manual transmission, 4WD

Power output (PS @ rpm): 247@6.000

Maximum speed (mph): 143

0-62 mph (seconds): 5.5

Fuel Consumption (mpg): 34.3

CO2 emissions (g / km): 186

With the optional “Circuit Pack”, your GR Yaris is even more of a pure racetrack weapon, with extra limited slip differentials, stylish Claiborne brakes and 18-inch BBS light alloy wheels, Michelin sports tires and a somewhat “tuned” chassis. “Tuned” here means unbearably uncomfortable for anyone who is unlucky enough to be a passenger in this hard-driving mini-monster. The GR Yaris is a driver’s car as they say and honestly I don’t know why they bothered to put the other seating there. It is my authority that Toyota’s little toy is unbearable even with moderate pressure.

If your passenger’s ride doesn’t get sick, the G-Forces will – it has supercar performance up to 143 mph – and they just have to put up with the 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine happily all the way It is beaten up to 6,000 rpm and beyond. With loads like the powertrain, it’s no surprise the GR Yaris requires servicing every 6,000 miles. The trunk is useless and the bucket seats mean that the only way to feel comfortable as a driver is to pretend you’re on the track. You can also tell that it is real by the fact that it has a real manual handbrake, which is quickly replaced by small electrical switches.



There are other machines out there that can rival the GR Yaris for sheer fun, like the Civic Type-R, ST Fords, and various M-series BMWs and Mercedes-AMGs, but nothing is as sloppy as that little Toyota, and that adds a lot to the enjoyment.

I’ve been told there are great leasing deals out there, but this is still a £ 30,000 Yaris: other than isn’t it’s actually a bespoke rally car special that is different from the other Yaris models was separated. As a Toyota, it shouldn’t break or break and be a rare sight. In fact, it’s an instant classic and if cared for (which isn’t the point, but still) it will likely always be worth what you paid for it. It is the antidote to the SUV boom, a vaccine against automotive boredom. It’s one of the few cars out there that is positively life-affirming. As long as you are in the driver’s seat.

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