Classic cars: The classic cars that will increase in value in 2022 – full list

Hagty’s UK-focused bull market list brings together classic and modern classics that provide a comfortable driving experience while predicting which brands and models could gain in value. The bull market is aimed at people looking to find, buy, and drive a classic or modern classic vehicle, the great piece of advice being to primarily buy a car that they like.

Mini Cooper R50 (2001-2006)

The new Mini from BMW celebrates its public premiere at the turn of the yearst Century and a delightful homage to the original Austin, which is no longer that small but still exudes the effortless, classless vibe that Minis have always maintained.

The R50 Mini is another highly recognizable model that Hagerty believes will become more and more collectibles.

The data suggests this is already happening: more than 40 auctioned per year since 2019, with Hagerty seeing a whopping 92 percent sell-through rate.

Porsche Boxter (1996-2004)

The Boxster helped save Porsche by sharing its components with the 996 generation 911 and introducing significantly more efficient production methods in the company.

Today the 986 Boxster is considered to be one of the cheapest ways to own a Porsche.

Fewer than 50 were sold this way in 2017, but by 2021 Hagerty reports that that number tripled to nearly 150 sales, with the sell-through rate also standing at 89 percent.

Renault Clio Williams (1993-1995)

Hagerty has seen a surge in the values ​​of the 1990s racing cars for the road or, in the case of the Renault Clio Williams, the rally car.

It has the potential to follow the trajectory of 1980s hot hatches like the Renault 5 Turbo (which was featured in Hagerty Bull Market last year) and the 205 GTI.

Recently, Hagerty noticed examples with more than 100,000 miles advertised at prices above our “Excellent” price guide, usually a sign that the market for the car is rising.

James Mills, UK editor of Hagerty, commented on the bull market and how it could affect classic cars in 2022.

He said, “Owning and driving a special car is one of the greatest experiences in the world, with a huge fan base, an open and helpful community and a real diversity that means there’s a scene for everyone.

“The cars identified in the Hagerty Bull Market 2022 continue this trend, expanding the scene, generating new interest and inviting a new wave of car enthusiasts to discover what others have known for so long – that driving is one of the great joys in life. “

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