Colin McRae’s 1996 rally car is for sale in a barn after 25 years

The 1994 Subaru Impreza in blue and yellow 555 paint

There have been many iconic racing cars over the years, but the 555 Subaru, which competed in the World Rally Championship in the mid-1990s, is one that holds a special place in many hearts.

Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz Sr’s distinctive blue and yellow cars won races in Greece, New Zealand and Great Britain and helped the team to come second in the constructors’ competition in 1994.

Now rally fans have the chance to own one of these cars as the 1994 Subaru Prodrive 555 Group A rally car is heading for the auction block this weekend.

The specimen on offer was driven by McRae, Sainz and Possum Bourne between 1994 and 1996, after which it was retired from professional racing. Since then it has remained intact in long-term storage.

The names of Colin McRae and Derek Ringer adorn the Subaru rally car

The unrestored 1994 Subaru Prodrive 555 was one of only 65 vehicles that Prodrive had commissioned for the WRC. This model with chassis number 94.006, with Sainz at the wheel, took first place in three stages of the 1994 Monte Carlo Rally.

The car comes with its original Prodrive engine, a 2 liter petrol engine with a six-speed Prodrive transmission. It also includes the original active front differential.

The engine, suspension, wheels and tires all have Prodrive markings and 1993/1994 date codes.

Also due to a DNF in Corsica in 1994 and the two Indonesian rallies in 1995 and 1996, this Subaru Prodrive is said to have a low mileage.

The car will be auctioned by the Australian auction house Lloyds Classic Car Auctions, which describes itself as “Australia’s leading auction house for classic cars and motorcycles”.

According to the auctioneer, the car had three different owners, which changed hands in 1993, 1995 and 2013. It has also been authenticated by the International Classic Automobile Authentication and Rating System, with a certificate of authenticity available online.

It’s a busy weekend for Lloyds Classic Car Auctions, and it is Sell ​​a collection of 13 cars from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

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