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MADISON (WKOW) – During Crystal‘s sixyear wedding, she said she to liveD emotionI, spiritual, mental and financial abuse. A cause of his suffering was it she noticed that she was pay a large amount of money for bills this she did not see.

I can not to explain much of the money that was spent because this person was constantly asking for money, Crystal said.

Crystal remember a pivot for her when was she got in touch with a life insurance agent who was able to help her put in place a plan to determine her finances.

“That‘s when I learned that I was a victim of financial abuse.

Chrystal is among the 96% of people victims of financial abuseis part of domestic violence.

“ThisIt’s a devastating control tactic that often keeps these victims trapped in these abusive relationships.“said Ellen Lisak, program manager for the Allstate Foundation.

The Allstate Foundation created the Go forward to help survivors rebuild after financial abuse. The program is free and cyou focus on a number of different topics including budgeting, meeting financial goals, understanding and repair credit history and home security and car ready.

“The the program is designed More precisely for survivors of domestic violence, but it has great information for anyone who wants to learn more about their finances, Lisak said.

The study programme is avaIlabel for free here in both Eenglish and Spanic

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