Edison High School in northeast Minneapolis is celebrating its centenary

Dressed in blue and gold, Edison High School students, staff and alumni lined the streets of Jackson Square Park in northeast Minneapolis. A celebration of the centenary of this school was underway.

The Edison people were greeted by two marching bands, a line of classic cars and a robotic t-shirt cannon rolling down the street.

The congregation came together during their 100th anniversary homecoming week. Alumni from the Class of 1951 and current students gathered to march through the neighborhood in a parade. This was followed by the school’s first pep rally since 2019.

“We’re trying to bring the culture back,” said Edison teacher Mike Iacarella. Looking over the crowd of students at the high school, he said the COVID-19 pandemic has deprived most of the undergraduate students of the cheer rally experience.

Edison’s returning royals were the focus of the rally. They played a music chair game that drew screams from classmates as they cheered them on. The school’s mascot, Tommie, was there in an Edison football shirt.

Outside the booming gymnasium, Edison High School Hall of Fame Chairman John Banisky sorted through dusty gold plaques in the lobby. Each of the 150 plaques is dedicated to a member of the Hall of Fame. Banisky pulled out plaques for members in attendance Friday.

“People ask why our Hall of Fame doesn’t have a lot of pros or a lot of great collegiate athletes,” Banisky said. “This is a working neighborhood. Many of these athletes went to work right out of high school. It’s a different game for a different part of town.”

One alum is Dick Alberico of the Class of 1952. He met his wife at Edison’s; They married in 1955. He came to collect his plaque and snapped a picture of the football team he was on as a student.

The Northeast neighborhood surrounding Edison includes families of “Tommies” who have participated for generations and foster a strong sense of community among students and alumni.

Sarah Larson, a member of the alumni marching band, said her grandmother was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Her nephew also attended the parade on Friday.

“We have four generations at this high school,” Larson said. “It’s an incredible community that it’s been around for so long and people are willing to come back and be a part of it.”

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