FIA admits chaos in Abu Dhabi “tarnishes F1’s image”

The FIA ​​admits that Sunday’s race “tarnishes the image of Formula 1” and has proposed a detailed analysis and clarification of the events surrounding the final stages of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

When the World Motor Sport Council met for the FIA ​​Annual General Assembly Week ahead of the sport’s annual awards gala in Paris, it was found that the Toyota hypercar that won the endurance world championship along with world rally champions Toyota at the official photoshoot There was no trace of Yaris, the World Rallycross Championship Peugeot 208 and even the top-class championship winner’s kart from the Mercedes W12, which won this year’s constructors’ title.

In the absence of any public comment from Mercedes on last Sunday’s events, the FIA ​​issued a brief statement suggesting a detailed analysis and clarification of the events surrounding the final moments of the controversial Grand Prix.

“The world watched every race with great anticipation and knew that there could only be one winner in the end,” it said. “In this regard, many praised Max Verstappen for his win and Lewis Hamilton for his remarkable performance and sportiness after the end of the season.

“The 2021 FIA Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi has generated a wide variety of reactions from the F1 community and motorsport in general as well as the general public.

“The FIA’s primary responsibility at any event is to ensure the safety of everyone involved and the integrity of the sport.

“The circumstances surrounding the use of the safety car after the incident involving driver Nicholas Latifi and the associated communication between the FIA ​​Race Direction team and the Formula 1 teams have led to considerable misunderstandings and reactions from Formula 1 teams, drivers and in particular Fans led. an argument that is currently tarnishing the image of the championship and celebrating the first driver’s world championship title of Max Verstappen and the eighth constructors’ world championship title in a row for Mercedes.

“After submitting a report on the course of events following the incident on Round 53 of the Grand Prix and in a constant drive to improve, the FIA ​​President suggested that the World Motor Sport Council conduct a detailed analysis and clarification for the future with all relevant parties is now taking place.

“This matter is being discussed and addressed with all teams and drivers to learn lessons from this situation and to provide participants, media and fans with clarity about the current regulations in order to maintain the competitive nature of our sport while ensuring safety.” the driver and officials, because not only Formula 1 can benefit from this analysis, but all other FIA circuit championships in general.

“After this presentation and extensive discussion, the World Council decided to unanimously support the President’s proposal.

“The FIA ​​will therefore do its utmost to set this in motion within Formula 1 governance and will propose to the Formula 1 Commission that the Sports Advisory Board, with the support of the Formula 1 drivers, be given a clear mandate for studies and to suggest that any meaningful feedback and conclusions identified be taken before the start of the 2022 season. “

Mercedes has until Friday to decide whether to formally appeal the decision by the Abu Dhabi stewards to reject its original protest.

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