First, take a look at F1’s fresher new TV graphics for the 2022 season

With Grand Prix racing ushering in a new era of rules as the sport moves towards ground effect cars, F1 has taken the opportunity to overhaul the graphics package shown on the international feed.

The focus, which is given much more prominence and space on screen than before, is a strip that runs down the left side of the screen and sits under the F1 logo – which has been moved to the top left of the screen

F1 Director of Broadcast and Media Dean Locke told “We are a graphically managed sport so with the new car we felt it was a good time to rebrand our graphics as well.

“We’re probably a year early in our normal cycle. But we thought we would do it in accordance with the new regulations and the new car.

“They have a new look and are very different from what we previously had of a look and feel concept. They’re brave, they’re a little bit fresher, a little bit younger. They take a lot of influence from digital and film.”

2022 TV graphic, pit stop example

Photo: FOM

Along with the different look, the new graphics give F1 a better way to tell the story of the race – by better emphasizing talking points, focusing on individual drivers or playing videos on the screen.

Locke added, “Where new graphics have been screwed into different areas of the screen, we have a little more discipline because we’re starting from scratch.

“It’s pretty smart graphics now. You’ll see over race weekend that it sits on a disc and within that disc we can highlight things. We call it smart glass.

“So if we wanted to highlight two drivers we can draw attention to the commentators and that goes for red flags, safety cars, virtual safety cars and elements like that.

“Also the team radiographics will be a bit more in-your-face and highlight the parts that we want.”

2022 TV graphics, full screen grid example

2022 TV graphics, full screen grid example

Photo: FOM

In addition to the graphics shown during track action, F1 has also revamped its build graphics, including a new intro sequence, grid format and pit stop elements.

Locke said F1 is constantly considering how best to please both the die-hard fans who benefit from the data and the more casual fan appearance.

“There can’t be just numbers all over the screen,” he said. “We spend a lot of time thinking about how we present these numbers.

“We know we have die-hard fans who get it. But there are also casual fans and newer fans who have been won over to the sport.”

2022 TV graphics, left side indicates

2022 TV graphics, left side indicates

Photo: FOM

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