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According to the police, the defendant obtained a loan by using the victim’s Aadhar card and attaching other false documents in his name without his knowledge

Mumbai: The Mumbai Criminal Branch has arrested five people for allegedly deceiving many people on the pretext of availing home loans or car loans in their name. According to the police, the accused obtained a loan by using the victim’s Aadhar card and attaching other fake documents in his name without his knowledge. In the preliminary investigation, the police suspect the involvement of bank employees.

During the raid, police seized 42 fake rubber stamps from government offices, 17 agreements with different names, six anonymous agreements, bank statements and several other documents related to the defendant’s loan and their laptop.

The arrested defendants identified as Yogesh Jalandra, 29, Ismail Shaikh, 32, Vinod Yadav, 37, and Sachin Mohan Patil, 39,

Police say Unit 11 officials began investigating the scam after receiving several complaints from victims who were being duped by the accused. Jalandra worked as a loan officer and allegedly promised people that he would get a car loan or home loan in their name and take their Aadhar cards. The accused checked the civil score of the victim and then created false documents required for the loan in his name like payslips, appointment letters, computer returns details and others without even informing them. .

The case was registered at Borivali Police Station after Nitin Dhas, 29, from Borivali area, alleged that the accused had borrowed 23 lakh unknowingly on his name. The case was transferred to Criminal Branch Unit 11 for investigation and police set a trap in Chamunda circle in Borivali when Jalandra and Shaikh came to meet the victim on February 16. While Vinod Yadav and Sachin Patil were arrested in Dahisar area on Saturday (February 19). The gang has been operating for over a year and it appears they have deceived many people over the past year, the officer added. The defendants were presented in court and taken into custody until February 22.

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