Grieving family holds justice rally honoring St. Augustine men

On November 16, 2016, Charles Durden and Steffan Larry were found shot to death in a burning car on Fred Waters Way in St. Augustine.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — First Coastal News Cameras have captured the heartbreaking screams of a grieving mother during a justice rally for her son.

Charles Durden’s mother spoke First Coastal News On November 16, 2022, it will be six years since her son and another young man, Steffan Larry, were found shot to death in a burning car in St. Augustine.

“All I want is closure,” said Annette Burden, Charles’ mother.

Those words are really all Annette Durden could say as she reflects on six years without her son.

“All I saw was the left arm of a skeleton bone with the MK watch and I just screamed and my sister came and got me… I said that’s him and I don’t know what happened,” said Charles’ mother.

Durden identified her son’s body on November 16, 2016.

She was beginning to think someone would be arrested for her son’s murder, but that’s not the case.

“Please come forward and please give me closure because if you are not judged on this earth, your punishment will be much worse when you face God,” Durden said.

The family marched Wednesday chanting “No justice, no peace.”

They say they hope their rallies will keep the case in people’s minds.

Investigators with the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office say they need more tips from the public.

“This case file is huge and there is a lot of information that has come in from the public, but unfortunately we don’t have the one piece of evidence that we need,” said Gene Tolbert, the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say they were hoping someone close to where the men were found had surveillance footage or might have heard something.

If you know anything, call the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office or the St. Augustine Police Department.

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