GTA Online podium and prize rides will be announced on May 5th, 2022

The new weekly update of GTA Online has just arrived and players will see many new offers and bonuses this week. As for cars, Casino Podium features the Pfister Comet Safari, while the LS Car Meet Prize Ride for the week is the mighty Progen Itali GTB.

The in-game auto community has always shown their love for Comets, and Safari is no different. Itali’s are also very popular with racing drivers. The cars are based on the Leh Keen “Safari” 911 and the Ferrari 348 GTS respectively.

GTA Online Prize Drive and Podium Car (5th May 2022)

Podium: Comet SafariPrize Ride: Itali GTB (Top 1 in Road Races 5 days in a row)HSW Ride: Brioso R/A (Upgrade: $1,097,500)3x GTA$ & RP on Business Battles2x GTA$ & RP on RC Time TrialRC Bandito RacesRon Contact MissionsFree Mexico Chute BagFree bar drinks#GTAOnline

As always, industry insider and GTA fan Tez2 tweeted the details for this week’s update. Players have seven tries to win the Off-Road Comet Safari from Casino Podium. However, in order to win the Itali GTB, players must win road races five days in a row. Players should definitely take advantage of every opportunity as this week’s vehicles are amazing.

Pfister comet safari

Rockstar has always valued great cars and put them in the game. Leh Keen’s Safari 911 was treated no differently. Rockstar even decided to keep the term “safari.” To really pay homage to the car, no satire was included. It’s a comet because all 911s in GTA Online are comets.

The Safari borrows its wide-body kit from the Comet Retro Custom. The car was designed to excel off-road and is not suitable for track racing. Off-road, however, the Safari smokes plenty of other vehicles with ease. It’s right up there with the Tropos Rallye and Omnis. Surprisingly, the car can also be equipped with front-mounted machine guns. As a rally car and comet, the vehicle has quite a detailed customization menu.

Progen Italian GTB

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As mentioned above, the Progen Itali GTB is based on the Ferrari 348 GTS. The name Itali is an attempted humor alluding to Ferrari’s homeland. The car also picks up some styling cues from the McLaren 570S and 650S and the Trion Nemesis.

This car is also eligible for Benny’s upgrade, but it’s not advisable for gamers who want to race. The GTB Custom tends to perform worse than the production variant. Stock cars with performance upgrades are great for racing. All-wheel drive enables excellent handling. As an Italian, speed is his middle name.

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