Has the student loan break been good and leasing a car vs buying a car – what should you do?

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Financial face-to-face: renting a car or buying a car: what should you do?

The main questions to ask yourself before deciding to rent or buy a car. Read more

“My mother-in-law cries poor and sells everything of value. She cut off all communication’: My father died without a will and I am his only child. And now?

“I found out that when my dad bought his house, he and my mother-in-law were just ‘tenants in common’ and she only had a 13% interest in the house.” Read more

Here’s how much a 40-year mortgage would save you each month compared to a 30-year loan. And the ultimate cost.

When making a home financing decision, you need to carefully consider the term of the loan – the decision can have huge consequences. Read more

It’s an SUV. It is a corolla. It’s both: the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross is a new variant of the popular sedan.

The Corolla Cross has the extra ride height and extra cargo capacity of an SUV, with the platform and powertrain found in the world’s best-selling car. Read more

Has the student loan break done any good?

A two-year pandemic pause in student loan repayments has allowed many borrowers to shore up their finances, but it’s unclear how long the stability will last. Read more

This is when you can expect new car prices to start falling.

If you buy a car now, you may have to do without some advertised features. Read more

Ex-CFO has been ordered to return $4.7million she stole from a children’s charity to buy a fleet of planes, homes and a Corvette

Ruth Marie Phillips was sentenced to seven years in prison for embezzling money from a West Virginia charity into her pockets and into the aviation industry. Read more

Theranos scandal real estate: Here’s where Elizabeth Holmes calls home

It’s a fascinating time for those who have followed the rise and fall of Theranos, a now discredited blood testing startup founded by Elizabeth Holmes. Read more

Chautauqua is the hidden NYC vacation town you’ve never heard of

Never heard of Chautauqua? You’re not alone. Read more

Employers are hiring again – but which pay wages that keep up with inflation, and which don’t?

“Without rapid and sustained wage growth, a spike in inflation cannot become a spiral,” said an observer Read More

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