Here are the automotive stories that would make great movies

A black and white photo of three vintage race cars.

photo: E. Bacon/Current Press Agency/Hulton Archive (Getty Images)

“John Godfrey Parry-Thomas, just Parry-Thomas to most people, started out as a car designer. After testing a new Leyland of his design, he realized he should be racing. And became a successful racing driver. Then he didn’t just want to be faster, he wanted to be the fastest.

“So he built Babs, a 27-liter, chain-driven car that he would try to do in excess of 170 miles per hour. It was raining when he arrived at Pendine Sands in Wales on March 3, 1927. He could barely get up from a really bad flu, but drove anyway.

“The car crashed, he died.

“There is a small exhibition about that day in the local library nearby. I saw the death certificate, it redefines understatement. While attempting to break the land speed record in a chain-driven, aircraft-powered car on a soft beach, it flipped and slided upside down at 120 mph, without a roll cage. Or much of a helmet. The cause of death is given as “head injuries in a car accident”.

“There’s also a counterpoint in studying another, ultimately self-destructive person, since Dylan Thomas’s writing shack is a mile up the hill and Brown’s Bar is also nearby.”

Ambitious technical projects and speed records make for great films, take The World’s Fastest Indian for example. I think this story could suit Domhnall Gleeson, I imagine him taking on the role of John Godfrey Parry-Thomas.

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