Here’s everything that sets the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso apart in 2021

The new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso has just fallen and its elegance is restrained but impressive. The name means Grand Tourer Coupe Four (seat) and Lusso is Italian for “luxury”. The shooting brake style (hatchback body) is a bold choice, and in cases like the 612, 400, and 365 GTB / 4 it looks more like a hearse. However, this Ferrari looks funny. On the Ferrari website, we can see the GTC4 Lusso rip it through the snow and cut around trees to see how powerful it can be.

This Ferrari won’t be the entry-level price as it is $ 62,000 above the Ferrari California, but it will be much closer to “affordable” for Ferrari. Everyone said it is the Owning a car if you are a wealthy skier or a ski resort owner. A new AWD system and space for two additional adult friends in the rear make it a great “casual” Ferrari. Almost a daily driver!

It’s a shooting brake

Ferrari_GTC4lusso_T _-_ Exterior_ (cropped)

Via Wikimedia Commons

“Shooting Brake” came from Great Britain in the 1890s and referred to a horse-drawn cart that was only intended to transport a hunting party and their equipment. Now it means a three-door (not like a Hyundai Veloster) with a hatch-style stern. Understandably, these are not common. For one thing, they’re a bit out of their time, which is why it’s so amazing that Ferrari is sticking to them in 2021.

3/4 front view of the GTC4Lusso


On the other hand, make a shooting brake look good and being practical is very difficult. I now invite you to just take a look at the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and tell me that it didn’t work out so well. Honestly, it’s the perfect cute little size that we love to own.

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Front engine

A Ferrari GTC4 Lusso takes a curve.

Via: newspaper press

Ferrari doesn’t often get lost in the unbalanced world of the front engine. Unlike Italy’s 458 and 488, this “more ordinary” Ferrari will stick a whole V12 up front before getting into the front row of passengers! The big question is … does this mess with the Italian driving experience?

ferrari gtc4


It would be great to get your hands on one, but the speculation / consensus is that this isn’t a problem even for the potentially more aloof Ferrari owner. As we shall mention, there are some very important and very useful ways Ferrari can move its “less powerful” car in an intuitive way. Essentially, they just made a small music chair with Corvette.

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V12 engine (and V8 option)

Via mecum auctions

When the forerunner of the GTC4 Lusso, the FF, was made, it had the largest street legal Ferrari engine, a 6.3 liter V12. This 630 hp has been increased to 680 for the GTC4. By downgrading to the Turbo V8, you still get 602 horses, although the MSRP is unchanged. Both engines are controlled by an automatic gearbox that is controlled by paddle shifters.

Inside gtc4 lusso ferrari light 2015 brown

Finding a car that will hold on to the extra pistons is downright respectable in 2021 (AHEM! Toyota). The only other V12s you can find today are Rolls, Bentleys, and Astins. Either way, you see, the hybrid revolution is taking over and even supercars like McLarens and Ferrari themselves often rely on this instantly high-torque, write-off hybrid technology.

“4RM” AWD system

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso sports car


What the heck does 4RM mean? It has nothing to do with the all-wheel steering we’re going to mention, but as Ferrari explains about the same system in the FF, it’s a pretty important part of their sports car experience. Essentially, the car stays in rear-wheel drive for instant torque at all times and a more exhilarating and genuine Italian experience.

gtc4 lusso snow ferrari white drive drift action youtube wallpaper hd

But wait! What is it? Fish tails! The Ferrari feels the slip in less than a hundredth of a second and grabs the front tires to help. According to Ferrari, this is better than constant AWD as the system is respectable in weight a half most all-wheel drive systems.

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Rear wheel steering

ferrari gtc4lusso t grand drive black road street angle wallpaper background hd info specs race

Rear-wheel steering is usually reserved for buses or large trucks, or maybe heavy guys like the Rolls Phantom, but a two-door Ferrari? The answer is yes, if it improves the performance and driving experience more than enough to make up for the extra weight then put it there!

A parked Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

Via: newspaper press

In fact, it’s just another of many performance add-ons that will have you saying, “What is that? A luxury rally car?” With the rear wheel steering and the 4RM mentioned above, you get “SSC4” (Side-Slip Control 4th Generation), “SCM-E” (Suspension Dampening, Electronic) and an electronic differential. AKA … good luck ever getting this thing to one side.

Decent rear seats (for a Ferrari)

Rear seats 2015 2016 2017 18 19 GTC4 Lusso t grand ferrari fit

The reviews are plagued by disappointed YouTubers and journalists who sigh in the back seat. “I’m only 5’3” and my knees are beating so … not that great. “Again and again we see people sitting in the GTC4 Lusso (after the usual two-door fight), watching the front seat automatically slide back and expect then go “Oh! Not bad!”

Rear seats 2015 2016 2017 18 19 gtc4 lusso t grand ferrari folded hatch trunk open lid stock

For example, one review states that it’s a little leisurely but completely bearable for road trips. When you see someone sitting in it, you can tell that it is incredibly cozy. Some sort of center console and the door itself hug your hips but leave room for your arms so it looks relaxing but potentially disturbing. All in all, this is a damn V12 Ferrari that seats four and their skis, so there isn’t much to complain about, is there?

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MSRP $ 260,000

Okay, so the Ferrari California remains Ferrari’s entry-level car, but this is a big perk of the FF of $ 295,000 in 2016. While it just feels silly to talk about the affordability of a Ferrari, it’s important to note that there is no discernible feature that is a downgrade between the GTC4 Lusso when parked next to the FF.

Luxury safes

While Ferrari worldwide sales are understandably elusive, we can say that this is not a production capping method, but instead sticks to Ferrari’s usual five-year cycle plan. Since it came out in 2016, at this point we’re just waiting to see what’s next and hope it doesn’t cost more! … Or it doesn’t matter if we actually plan to get one.

Modern infotainment

Inside gtc4 lusso ferrari light brown

The old Ferraris are known for being mostly Spartan inside, with lines that look like you’re already accelerating and lots of cylindrical shapes that hold the vents and controls. Not much has changed, but the infotainment has been upgraded. It will blend in better with a 10.25-inch Full HD touchscreen in 2021.

Infotainment screen touch screen gtc4 lusso t grand best airplay carplay android auto cheapest free for sale

The stereo includes Apple Carplay and Android Auto and not much else. Honestly, do you really need a lane assistant when you can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds?

A new direction for Ferrari

2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV from Italy

Via: Twitter

Ferrari is a historically bankrupt company. The idea is to build cars that few can afford and keep the quality high enough that the rich can’t go away and take their share. The name of the game is exclusivity and merchandise. Unique items and special anniversary editions are common. But … with the GTC4 Lusso, apart from one complicated name, Ferrari seems to be giving in a little.


Lamborghini’s Urus was a big, bold move to get real sales and step onto this SUV, a practical car train. No SUV has appeared by Ferrari, although the crossover known as Ferrari Purosangue (if you’re wondering how to pronounce Purosangue, it’s PUR-o-SAN-gue) is in the air. The GTC4 Lusso is cheaper and more practical and makes us think maybe Ferrari could jump into the (more) affordable and practical car game? The sales success so far says it is entirely possible, especially since Ferrari is on the rise by the end of 2020!

Watch the Ferrari Purosangue SUV spying on powersliding on the track

Hear the Ferrari SUV’s engine roar during the tests.

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