Here’s why you bought your current car

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I clicked on this article because I am also a Z4 owner. ’03, 3.0, 6MT.

I wanted a roadster for everyday driving. Miatas sound very meh and I don’t sit comfortably (6’2″, 210lbs), S2000s are overpriced if you’re only interested in roadsters, Boxters are either hideous or overpriced depending on the generation. Z3s are either ugly combos, smack, or too expensive at this point.

You can get to buying a Z4 simply by listing the reasons you *don’t* want to buy another car, without even delving into the reason you want a Z4.

For a sports car, it’s extremely comfortable. Plenty of room for me, even with a helmet, and I can ride in work boots without feeling like my feet are caught on the underside of the dashboard.

Reliable. The N52 might not have the best reputation, but the early-years M54 will likely run longer than the sun beats. I have done nothing on this car in 2 years of daily driving apart from an oil change.

It looks great and sounds great. Quiet on hang up, but the I6 note on slam is worth the price of admission. Looks wise, it really is awesome, the E85 design has aged so well and nobody believes me when I say it’s almost 20 years old now.

Fuel economy: This isn’t one you’d expect from a ~20-year-old sports car, but my average mpg overall is 28.13 (31mpg, if you’re more inclined to believe the dash).

Trunk: Another one you wouldn’t expect and one that really sets it apart from other roadsters in terms of practicality. The trunk of this car is huge. Shopping trips with the whole family? Not even make a dent. Week+ holiday luggage for two people? A breeze. Air compressor, power tools, plumbing and more home depot goodies? Yes. As long as you don’t try to push furniture or wood in longer than 4 to 5 feet, the trunk can hold anything you normally need.

Of all the cars I’ve owned, this is my second favorite “fun” car behind my E30, which I drive like there’s no tomorrow, and my second favorite everyday driver behind my SHO.

And to be honest, I find the 2nd place in both categories at the same time quite admirable.

You. I like you. we should be friends In fact, you are my friend now.

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