How to Unlock International A License

To level up and unlock certain areas Gran Turismo 7, players must complete the license challenges including 10 tracks for the International A License. There are a total of five licenses to purchase Gran Turismo 7, and the International A License is the penultimate. The challenges for this license are more difficult than the previous ones and build on previous lessons.

The licensing challenges in Gran Turismo 7 are used to teach players best racing practices. Different scenarios are examined in each of the five licenses, including driving on unpaved paths and approaching consecutive corners. The licenses go through entry and exit speeds for various corners and when are the best and worst times to accelerate. Completing License Challenges is required for progression, but they’re also a useful tool for better racing.


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The 10 challenges to complete for the international A license are more advanced than the previous lessons. Players can earn either Bronze, Silver, or Gold on each track based on how quickly they complete the challenge. If you collide with walls or go off track, this will automatically fail and the challenge will have to be restarted. Gran Turismo 7Unlocking the international A license from can be difficult, but there are some valuable rewards for acquiring it.

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-1 Racing Line: Expert

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-1

Even though Gran Turismo 7 if it’s all about speed, this particular lesson is about slowing down. Taking a turn while braking gives players more control over their vehicle and makes it easier to stay in front. Using the out-in-out method for each corner and applying the breaks until reaching the exit of the second corner will help players earn gold on this track. This challenge is completed in an Aston Martin DB11 ’16.

  • Gold: 18,000
  • Silver: 18,500
  • Bronze: 19,900

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-2 Consecutive Corners: Expert 1

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-2

Driving a Lamborghini Diablo GT ’00, players must drive around a series of corners after a straight. It’s easy to pick up speed on the straight early in the track, but players should start braking early to enter the 90-degree corner. That’s important too Gran Turismo 7 Players don’t accelerate too much around the next few corners until they reach the exit of the last one. Once the car is properly aligned with the target, players should accelerate to complete this challenge.

  • Gold: 25,400
  • Silver: 26,200
  • Bronze: 28,300

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-3 Dirt Driving: Expert

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-3

There are a few jumps and turns on the dirt track and players will use a Ford Focus Group B rally car to complete them. It’s very easy to spin or slide around on a dirt track, so staying in control without sacrificing too much speed is key to earning gold. There’s a jump at the start of the track and another one just before the finish, so players need to make sure that’s the case Gran Turismo 7 Car is straight for both.

  • Gold: 34,200
  • Silver: 35,500
  • Bronze: 38,400

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Gran Turismo 7 – IA-4 Consecutive Corners: Expert 2

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-4

This challenge expands on the previous challenge with consecutive corners and is completed in a Ferrari Testarossa ’91. Earning gold for the IA-4 challenge means focusing on stability by exercising good acceleration and braking control. It is also important to keep in mind the orientation of the car. Players have ample time to complete this challenge, allowing the vehicle to take corners a little slowly if needed.

  • Gold: 34,700
  • Silver: 35,700
  • Bronze: 38,100

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-5 Consecutive Corners: Expert 3

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-5

The fifth challenge for the International A license in Gran Turismo 7 is similar to the previous one but runs at much higher speed. Players must continue to focus on keeping the vehicle stable and watch their speed in tight corners. This challenge is completed with a Nissan R92CP ’92, so there’s plenty of power to work with, but entering corners too quickly will likely cause players to go off track. Instead, a balance between braking and accelerating must be achieved to earn gold.

  • Gold: 28,200
  • Silver: 29,300
  • Bronze: 31,700

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-6 corners with elevation changes 2

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-6

The IA-6 challenge is to negotiate turns at different heights in a Dodge Viper GTS ’02. The route starts with a steady climb leading to a sudden drop and descends to the finish. Slowing down at the top of the hill after takeoff helps with control Gran Turismo 7 Car while players start driving downhill. However, braking too early can result in unnecessary slowdown while players are still climbing uphill. Timing and speed control are important to earning gold in the sixth challenge.

  • Gold: 20,400
  • Silver: 21,000
  • Bronze: 22,400

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-7 Wet Cornering: Expert

In the seventh challenge, players drive a ’17 Alpine A110 on a wet track. Driving on wet tracks teaches speed control and timing. Players should only depress the accelerator when pointing in a straight line, otherwise the car is likely to skid. The only straight spots where it’s easier to accelerate are at the beginning of the track, after the first long corner, and after exiting the last corner. As the vehicle approaches corners, players should steadily slow down.

  • Gold: 29,600
  • Silver: 30,500
  • Bronze: 32,800

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-8 Tricky Consecutive Corners 1

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-8

As the name suggests, this challenge can be a bit tricky. There are right and left turns throughout the route Gran Turismo 7 Players must time their braking so the car doesn’t skid or go out of bounds. Brake at the right time, pay attention to the vehicle’s orientation and cling to the apex of each corner to win gold on this track. This challenge is completed in a Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20.

  • Gold: 23,400
  • Silver: 24,100
  • Bronze: 25,800

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Gran Turismo 7 – IA-9 Tricky Consecutive Corners 2

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-9

The ninth challenge completed in a Renault Mégane Trophy ’11 has one of the longer distances in the international A license set. For most of this challenge, players should focus on maintaining their speed by making subtle adjustments using the brake and throttle. this Gran Turismo 7 The route has a winding road with some elevation changes that you need to be aware of. As long as players don’t accelerate or slow down too much, they should be able to quickly complete the track and earn gold.

  • Gold: 39,200
  • Silver: 40,600
  • Bronze: 43,700

Gran Turismo 7 – IA-10 Tricky consecutive corners

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A IA-10

In the final stage, players drive a Mercedes-AMG GT R ’17 on a track that combines the previous challenges and offers many curves. To find the optimal racing line, the vertices must be connected and accelerated whenever the car is straight. Applying the out-in-out method to every corner of the track is essential to earn gold in this final international A license challenge.

  • Gold: 57,900
  • Silver: 59,900
  • Bronze: 1:04,500

Rewards for unlocking the International A license in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7: How to Unlock International A Rewards

There are many credits that you can claim while progressing through the International A License course. Players receive credits for each level of completion. So if you beat the best time, you get the bronze, silver, and gold credits. In addition to credits in Gran Turismo 7players can unlock two vehicles to complete the international A license. The first is awarded once the license is obtained and it is a Toyota 86 Group B Rally Car. The Alpine A110 ’17 unlocks to earn gold in each challenge. After completing the international A license, only one license needs to be activated Gran Turismo 7.

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Gran Turismo 7 is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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