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There is sometimes a stigma attached to winning an attrition race, and while it’s certainly different than winning a speed race, it’s a much smaller difference in grassroots rallies in the US.

Well over 90% of the competitors in the ARA build their own cars. They’re not bought by a manufacturer, they don’t have a 15-person team capable of tearing the whole thing down in no time. They don’t have six-figure budgets.

Building a car that can withstand the worst that rallies can throw at it, while also understanding how to keep it within its limits, is in many cases just as important as knowing how to drive fast.

That’s why we’re celebrating names like Mark Piatkowski as the overall winner of the Sno*Drift Rally in his garage Impreza. Or Al Dantes Jr.’s Mazda RX-7, which has only had two retirements in its last 38 rallies.

TAG Rally Sport has proven that while it often seems like your rally car needs custom suspension geometry, sequential gearbox, big turbos and high horsepower, sometimes all you need is something beautiful and reliable, and being able to keep it within its limits and you can still walk away a winner.

I would hate to make a tortoise and bunny comparison as it implies that the rest of the competitors were arrogant, blase or unprofessional, but part of the story rings true. Slow and steady can still win the race sometimes.

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