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But as this is the new premier class, many eyes will be on Group E, so expectations will be high and while they are touted as long-term replacements for supercars, the general consensus is that these are not equal for equal Replacement, but a solid extra layer on the ever-expanding rallycross totem pole.

“Honestly no, there isn’t,” Martell insisted when asked if there were any parallels between the FC1-X and a typical supercar. “With the speed, more suspension and the balance of the car, it’s super easy to drive. A supercar is not easy to drive, you really have to work with the car.

“I’ve never gotten in a car and I didn’t have any understeer on the first drive, while I didn’t have any understeer in this car, so the balance of the car is just amazing. When you’re in the car and driving, you can see the car moving from the outside, but when you’re inside it feels like you’re not moving at all. It’s just very well balanced.”

Fans, particularly in Europe, have had a hard time adjusting to the idea of ​​an electric future for rallycross, but I can assure you as a fan that we have a bright future ahead of us. Yes, it’s very different, but it’s not bad by any means. There also seems to be general agreement among the drivers.

“Everyone who got out of the car had a big smile on their face and I’m no different,” said Button. “It was a great experience. Basically, I can hardly wait to get our car out of the box, test it and actually rack up a good amount of kilometres.”

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