James May has been hospitalized after crashing into a wall in an Evo at 75 MPH

That big tour started filming Season 5 earlier this year. And while we’re excited for another series of crazy stunts from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, it seems like there’s one incident that’s been kept under wraps since the trio began filming.

those of the United Kingdom The sun said James May was involved in a horrible accident during one of the stunts for the upcoming season. According to the report, the trio filmed at a disused Olavsvern naval base near the Norwegian city of Tromsø. The stunt was a dangerous drag-style race in a tunnel.

According to the report, the accident was due to the tunnel lights only coming on as cars sped past, giving drivers little time to react. Unfortunately, “Captain Slow” braked too late on his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII and “slammed” the rally car into a wall at 75 miles per hour (121 kilometers per hour).

May suffered a broken rib in the accident. A source said the Grand Tour host had smashed his head hard and was bleeding from the impact. He had to have a brain scan before he was released.

We did a little digging and found out that the incident happened a long time ago, probably in March. In a post by Grand Tour Nation, Reddit user u/Jakobkonr confirmed five months ago that he had met Clarkson and Hammond at a gas station in Norway. He added that May wasn’t there because he had an accident in Tromsø with an Evo.

Further reports say May is doing well and rejoined the cast after being freed from the accident. It looks like the upcoming one big tour Season will have the former top gear Hosts embarking on an Arctic Circle adventure. The trio drove an Audi RS4, a Subaru Impreza WRX and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII.

Clarkson continued to post back in March Instagram a photo of the yellow Evo and blue Impreza WRX parked on a soccer field in a subtle tribute to Ukraine.

We’ll have more details once Season 5 hits screens. The release date has yet to be announced by Prime video.

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