Jeremy Clarkson recalls James May’s horror Crash On The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick

The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick made its debut on Prime Video today. There was much media coverage of the much-anticipated special, which sees Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond travel around Norway in a rally car of their choice.

It was previously leaked that May had suffered a broken rib after a horrific accident. May was quick to reassure his fans and reassured them that he was fine. In an interview with Grand Tour Nation and other media outlets, Clarkson was asked more about May’s crash, which he described as a “massive accident.”

“It was a massive accident. You know, when Hammond has an accident, he continues after the accident starts. And that’s what people need to keep in mind in accidents: you can roll down a road upside down and burn as long as you like, and it’s very unlikely you’ll get hurt. What hurts you suddenly stops. And that’s exactly what happened to James.”

The former Top Gear presenter continued:

“Richard didn’t come to a sudden stop when he fell over. That’s why he’s still here today. I’m not exactly sure how fast James hit that rock face, but I’d say 40 mph. And going from 40mph to a standstill is more dangerous than rolling down a hill. I was standing right next to him when he fell. I mean 10 feet away. And I couldn’t believe how fast he was going.”

Clarkson was asked if May’s accident made him nervous about continuing to film the rest of the episode, to which Clarkson replied:

“No! I know, when a cliff approaches, I have the sanity to think, ‘I know, I’ll press the middle pedal now, and it will slow down.’ Once you know that, once you realize that When you have the wheel in front of you to steer around things and pedals to slow you down or speed you up, you can stop worrying because you are in control of the situation.”

May had the collision during a high-speed challenge that required them to drive through a tunnel as fast as possible, but the twist was that the lights were on sensors and only turned on when they sensed the car.

Luckily May was able to continue with the episode and we see the trio on a frozen lake where May eventually breaks the ice and his Mitsubishi Evo sinks. Clarkson explained:

“No, God, no, it wasn’t his fault. Not at all, damn it. I’d like to blame James May, but this time I can’t. It wasn’t his fault. We were all driving along a frozen lake and it was sinking and it could have been any of us or it could have been none of us. It’s impossible to tell. Perhaps we should have stopped and checked with the authorities if the ice was thick enough to carry us across the sea area, but we didn’t have time for that. So we just bombed over it and he found a thin piece. It was pretty fun to watch.”

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