KCB donates Sh100m in sponsorship for the WRC Safari Rally

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 3 – Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has spent a whopping Sh100 million sponsoring this month’s WRC Safari Rally, scheduled for June 23-26.

Of the Sh100m, KCB has set aside Sh9m to sponsor two local drivers, Nickhil Sachania and Evans Kavisi, for the rally.

“We have chosen young, courageous and brilliant talents with a hunger to win and believe they will bring glory to Kenya and Africa as a whole with clear responsibility and support,” KCB Group Chairman Andrew Kairu said during the official check delivery Friday.

He added; “Our support for these riders stems from our belief that we can secure the future of sport by harnessing the power of sport for the benefit of an entire society and investing in the development of talent for future stars in every sport to help our country economically to make sports investments more viable.”

More than 12 Kenyan drivers have signed up for this year’s Safari Rally, which is on the WRC calendar for the second year in a row.

Zachania was 21St last year, while Kavisi did not finish the rally, blaming poor preparation because of the financial demands that come with rallies.

Kavisi has only competed in the East Africa Classic Rally this season and also said it was due to finances.

“We are very happy about this sponsorship. It takes a lot to stay in the sport and it’s nice to have support. Without them, we could decide to stay away from some of these events like we’ve done for most of the season,” Kavisi said capital sport.

He added; “We were at the safari last year but we didn’t go well due to poor preparation but now we’re happy that those things happen early and give us time to prepare. Getting this sponsorship means we’re able to replace the things that break and we have the ability to keep things fresh and active. It helps us to maintain our sporting level.”

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Shachania was also thrilled to land the sponsorship, which he hopes will help him improve his 21St place last year.

“It’s amazing and surreal. I really can’t put it into words. I am very happy that they took me on board and I will now try to give them good results,” said Sachania.

The sponsorship is designed to help them improve their machines and ensure they are well prepared for the grueling three-day rally, which begins with the raising of the flag at the KICC ahead of a special spectator stage at the Moi Sports Center Kasarani.

Kenya Motorsport Confederation boss Phineas Kimathi says he is pleased that KCB has poured a good amount of money into the rally and it will go a long way towards raising the level of last year.

“It’s exciting that we have this kind of sponsorship and it will help us to prepare in the best possible way. We are excited for the upcoming rally dates and look forward to three great action-packed days,” said Kimathi.

“We’re fortunate to be the first rally this year to feature hybrid cars on track and we’re looking forward to some really competitive action,” said Kimathi.

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