Kenyan women drive in an all-female motor rally for the first time ever. watch video

Women in Kenya competed in the country’s first-ever all-female race motor rally, Lioness Rally, which challenges the stereotype of women participating in motorsport. Eight all-female teams delivered a thrilling performance on March 27 in Nairobi.

In a video shared by ReutersMaxine Wahome, winner of the rally, is seen at the wheel four wheel drive with Safina Khan helping her navigate. Wahome finished the rally 37 seconds ahead of second place Natasha Tundo. Wahome says in the video that she hopes such rallies could lead to a women’s World Rally Championship. “At least now we can see that people are more interested. There are more viewers,” she said Reuters.

Watch the video here:

In addition to professional drivers, amateurs also took part in the rally. Caroline and Tinashe Gatimu’s mother-daughter team also took part in the rally. Caroline Gatimu, the driver, related this BBC, “This is her first time navigating. When she got the hang of it, she said, mama, let’s go, let’s go! So it’s really exciting.”

Tinashe was quoted as saying BBC, “It was just exciting. And I think one of the things I’m glad about is that I had to tell her what to do, and she actually did it, for the first time!”

All of Africa reported that the idea behind the all-women rally was born during the Safari World Rally Championship held in Naivasha last year. “We were sitting with Waziri (Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed) and we were wondering where are the ladies? That’s when I came up with the idea and CS supported it and we started planning for it,” said Lisa Christoffersen, the founder of the Lioness Rally Club capital sport.

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