Kimera Automobili reworks the Lancia 037 prototype into a powerful restomod called EVO37

If regular motorsport isn’t having the same impact as it did before, you may want to try other types of competitions. Aside from Formula 1 and the Le Mans 24 Hours, there are others that offer a thrill like no other. Kimera Automobili takes us on a journey into the past and back with the EVO37.

The fact is that pure track models get more attention than others. This is likely due to their exotic designs and ridiculous specifications. Supercars and hypercars are certainly show stoppers, but rally cars also have a loyal following. Kimera Automobili wants to appeal to nostalgic fans with its latest Restomod.

The EVO37 starts as a Lancia 037 prototype. People who are aware of the exploits of the Italian brand will remember their victory in the 1983 World Rally Championship. What made the victory even more unforgettable was the triumph of the RWD over the AWD Audi Quattro at the time.

In light of this achievement, Kimera Automobili honors them with a revision that includes performance improvements. The drivetrain is subject to a general overhaul in which a modern turbocharger system replaces the standard unit.

This gives the EVO37 an incredible bump from 205 hp with 167 lb-ft of torque to 505 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. The rear-wheel drive is intact, along with a manual transmission. The silhouette remains the same, while the LED lighting stands out.

You can imagine how crazy it would be to compete in the WRC right now. Kimera Automobili only produces 37 units of the EVO37. Deliveries should be dispatched to happy owners as early as this month.

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