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Kimi Raikkonen (Espoo, 1979) says goodbye to Formula 1 this Sunday at his 350th Grand Prix, in the race that opens the curtain for the 2021 World Cup in Abu Dhabi. He retired with 21 wins, 18 pole positions, 46 fastest laps and 103 podium positions as well as a world title and two runner-ups. A great record for the last driver to bring Ferrari a title. Today at Alfa Romeo, he’s eager to get in the way of the sport that got him high but never quite suited it. In fact, he left F1 back in 2009 and played in an exceptional role Conversion to rally driver. But three years later he returned to the grill to keep doing a show. Until now.

Kimi made his world championship debut in 2001 with Sauber, the current Alfa Romeo, It has come full circle. Over the years he has proven his talent and speed, but also his idiosyncratic, even indifferent character, which earned him the nickname “Iceman”, ice cream man … and not just as a Finn.

He achieved his first victories and runner-up world champion in 2003 with McLaren and the fight against Michael Schumacher. He repeated second place in 2005 and signed with Ferrari while in 2007 Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton You played on a tense heartbeat at Woking that season. Kimi took advantage of the mess and won three of the last four races (and six throughout the year) without so much “ado” and was crowned world champion in Brazil. He was the last Ferrari champion

“Sometimes it’s good to get out of the politics behind Formula 1 and all the nonsense about racing and sport,” he said, explaining his “escape” into the World Rally Championship. In 2012 he returned to Formula 1 with Lotus. 2014 to Ferrari, together with Alonso and later with Vettel. Since 2019, already on the way to retirement, he has been competing at Alfa Romeo with more discreet results. After a life of full speed on the track and excesses away from it, Kimi He admits that he would like to spend more time with his family, his wife Minttu and little Robin and Rianna aged 6 and 4 respectively.

“Formula 1 takes a lot of time, but it was never the most important thing for me. My life was always outside. There are more important things to me. Today my schedules affect my whole family and I’m looking forward to the day when nothing is planned and can do what she wants, ”he says Raikkonen.

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After more than 20 years in the premier class, Kimi highlights 2007 as the best year and shows Michael sSchumacher as his toughest rival. “I competed against Michael for many years, we had very good fights. Every year there were good and bad moments, just like in life. If it hadn’t been fun for a couple of years, I wouldn’t have stayed that long. It’s not always the nicest thing to get out of the house and fly ten hours, but if you can do what you came for on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that’s fine. I said I’m glad it’s over, “sentence Raikkonen.

With this in mind, Alfa Romeo dedicated a very informative message to him on the chassis of his single-seater for Abu Dhabi: “Kimi, we leave you alone.”

“Kimi will be missing. I really like how he loves this sport. He’s been in Formula 1 for many years, he’s always very honest. When he takes off his “Iceman” mask away from the paddock, you discover that Kimi He is a good person, different. He was incredible for F1 and we will miss him, ”he sums up. Fernando Alonso

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