Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel amid brutal reviews from Red Bull’s Helmut Marko… | F1

He gave the Red Bulletin a vicious judgment on current and former Red Bull drivers.

Beware, some of his opinions will make you cringe!

Alex Albon – “too nice!”

Lewis Hamilton didn’t destroy his career, but he put a damper on it.

“He was second in Brazil in 2019 when Hamilton drove him off the track. Then Alex tried to pass Hamilton on the outside of the Red Bull Ring in 2020, but was pushed into the gravel bed.

“He would have won this race, but he got nothing. It took him a long time to get over it.

“Alex is very fast but I wonder if he’s too nice. He’s a bit like David Coulthard, who everyone likes but wasn’t tough enough in the end.”

“He was looking for excuses instead of addressing his own mistakes.

“He is the team leader and does incredible things. Like his compatriot Francois Cevert, he is fast, cheeky and dedicated to the beautiful things in life.”

Daniel Ricciardo – “Max was the sticking point”

“A cheerful natural with excellent vehicle control. Daniel gets in the car and is fast from the start.

“In his first year at Red Bull race, he beat Vettel with three wins to zero. The appearance of Max was a pivotal point in his career. Instead of taking up the fight, he wanted to keep his distance. And you know what happened then. That’s too bad.

“It was always nice to work with him. His speed is comparable to Max, but he just lacks the ultimate consistency.”

“For a long time he lived in the shadow of his father, the two-time world rally champion. He was wrongly saddled with the image of being a racer’s spoiled son, while Carlos, on the contrary, had to consistently struggle to move forward.

“It was his bad luck to get Max as a teammate. The atmosphere between the two Toro Rosso was pretty toxic.

“With the lineup at the time, I didn’t see a way to keep him with us, so he moved to us Renault, McLaren and then on to Ferrari.”

Yuki Tsunoda – “No one can inflate like him!”

“[He’s] prone to tantrums, but he’s damn fast whatever you say. We believe in him and his enormous potential. When he’s not under stress, he’s incredibly funny and personable. Everyone likes Yuki, although nobody can blow themselves up quite like he does.”

“Sebastian came to us very young. He was a very, very analytical worker. Very diligent. He made optimal use of all technical possibilities.

“That’s why he ended up dominating a talented Mark Webber, by a pretty big margin.

“Whenever there were technical innovations – the blown diffuser, a new tire manufacturer – he used his technical know-how optimally. This ability has made him a four-time world champion.”

“Max is the fastest driver we have ever had. He is also gradually becoming the most complete racer. He’s the kind of generational talent you only see once in a decade.

“This perfect combination of speed, performance and self-confidence is unique. In terms of driving, nobody is currently faster than him on a lap.

“Max is a champion who received the perfect tools for his career from his father and is more relaxed than ever thanks to this world championship.”

Sergio Perez – “he chooses his own hotels…”

“He arrived with a win under his belt and in a good mood. Then he met Max. This led to a certain degree of uncertainty, especially in qualifying. But he left that behind.

“Checo is a great team player. Max would not have won the world championship without him.

“Privately, he knows how to enjoy life. He selects his hotels himself and lives in a team with his own consultants. I don’t know exactly what they all do, but they are very nice people.”

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