McLaren F1 driver Norris wants to try rallies in the future

Norris made his F1 debut with McLaren in 2019 after moving up the single-seater ranks, but he tried out sportscar racing with an appearance at the 2018 Daytona 24 Hours when he drove for United Autosports’ LMP2 team , owned by his McLaren F1 boss Zak Brown.

But Norris is now keen to try a different motorsport discipline and try his hand in a rally car at some point in the future.

It came after Norris launched a new clothing line for Quadrant, his gaming and racing brand, that had an off-road theme and featured a rally car shoot.

“One day I would like to try my hand at rallying,” said Norris Autosport in an interview before the summer break.

“Our next collection of Quadrant clothing has a bit of an off-road vibe. So we did some stuff recently to record a track for it that involved rallies.

“And I just realized the first time I went there and witnessed how crazy these people are. It really, really made me want to try it.

“I could start where there are no trees, [at the] At the end of the year I just want to try it – somewhere safe! Somewhere with tire locks.

“Car mastery and applying and handbrake and timing and all that stuff, it’s always good to do it every once in a while to gain car mastery and stay sane in more than just driving a Formula 1 car.

“It’s like go-karting. A lot of Formula 1 drivers like to go karts because it gives them the feeling of feeling things and there is a lot of emotion in karting. The same goes for rallying, I just want to get going and try something new.”

Norris wouldn’t be the first F1 driver to have dabbled in rallying in recent years. Current Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas has appeared in the Arctic Rally on a number of occasions, while 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen competed in a number of World Rally Championship events during his hiatus from F1 in 2010 and 2011 .

Alfa Romeo reserve driver Robert Kubica also competed in rallies alongside his F1 career, suffering serious injuries to his right forearm in a crash in 2011 and winning the WRC2 crown in 2013 during his F1 hiatus.

When asked if he would consider competitive rallying in the future, Norris replied, “Maybe one day.

“I have to try it first just to see how it is, simply because it looks amazing. There are always things in life that people want to try and do.

“It comes across as if I’d like to try it sometime.”

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