North Wales Police are urging residents to keep windows, doors and sheds locked as winter approaches

Shed and outbuilding security: first steps

First, check that your insurance covers the contents of your shed or outbuildings against theft.

Think like a thief

Take a look at your shed and think about how you would break in.

It’s worth having a good padlock on the door with no exposed screws. Watch out for hinges as these are sometimes easy to remove.

If you have windows, they can be vulnerable unless they are secured with wire mesh or grills. And always keep it locked.

Alert it

Consider a battery operated scale alarm. They appear cautious, but react to movements or door contact with an extremely loud siren.

Lock, hide or mark

Do not give them the opportunity or the means to commit a crime. Lock everything securely. Tools can be locked in a locker or box, or secured with a chain.

Secure your bike to the ground or on a lockable stand in a locked shed or garage.

Visit Sold Secure to check for floor anchors and other locks to attach to floors and walls.

It’s always worth putting an old sheet or blanket over mowers or bikes so they’re not visible.

While it sounds like saying the obvious, never leave your garage or shed door unlocked when you are not around.

It is advisable to have property tagged on your items, and some tools can be painted with your name or zip code. Forensic marking is also possible.

The five most common stolen items from sheds

  1. Cycles
  2. mower
  3. Sports equipment
  4. Power tools
  5. Garden tools

You can find more advice on keeping your home safe here:

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