Parade and pep rally start Decatur’s return home

DECATUR – On Friday morning around 8 a.m., freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors gathered in the parking lot of the Decatur sports complex with one goal in mind: to build a better car.

Throughout the morning, these students used their imaginations to design a 1990s-themed car in honor of the 1991 Decatur High School Class celebrating their 30th grade reunion. By 12 noon the cars were ready and ready to roll into the lineup area in Decatur Town Hall.

At 1 p.m., cars with the Queen candidates, cars and the high school band and cheer team arrived in the parking lot of the Decatur Town Hall for the official start of the Decatur High School Homecoming Celebration 2021.

Meanwhile, down Main Street, the east sidewalk was lined with children from Northside Elementary taking the bus over to watch the parade. Decatur Middle and High School students took the short walk down Roller Ave. down to the four-way light to assist many of her classmates and the Bulldog football team review.

As the parade rang the town hall building, Chief Steven Grizzle and the Decatur Police Department rolled onto Maple Ave, followed by Chief Jeremy Luker and the fire department. and announced the parade with the sound of sirens.

The Decatur College and Junior High School teams were the great marshals for this parade. They were followed by the cheerleaders, and then the cars, and finally the band.

For many in the crowd, this was the first opportunity to meet the Heimkehrerhof. The procession was led by the first maid Lindy Lee, followed by the second maid Valeria Chiquito, the junior women Abbie Davis and Autumn Pembleton and finally the queen candidates Lilly Lee, Aaliyah Kumbera and Jayden Bartlett. Crown Barriers Cooper Wilkins and Emilyn Bell brought up the rear.

The 1991 class, which was the first to enter the line-up, took the stern position.

The homecoming parade only lasted about 10 minutes, but the memories it leaves with students, teachers, staff, and townspeople will last a lifetime.

The final preparations for the Pep rally were in progress in the Peterson Gym. At 2:30 p.m., the Decatur cheerleaders were working on their routine when the band began playing the Bulldog battle song. Cheerleader Bianca Arana served as master of ceremonies while her teammates organized the three events that took place during the 45-minute celebration.

During the Pep rally, the members of the cross-country, volleyball and soccer teams were introduced by the head coaches of the respective sports.

Each maid and queen candidate walked down center court to the cheers of classmates.

After a dance between the students in each class, the junior high and varsity teams met on the square for the traditional homecoming classic tug of war. With the university’s junior high team outnumbered, it should have been an easy win. But as the Little War progressed, the football coaches on the university side stepped in. Still, it wasn’t enough and the junior high team took the win, a strange sign that things were to come later that afternoon.

After the Pep rally was over, attention turned to the two upcoming assignments, the college and junior high football games against the Midland Mustangs.

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