Pirelli has developed its new tire for rally cars

Pirelli has developed its new tire for rally cars

During the Costa Smeralda International Rally of Historic Cars, Pirelli introduced the latest tire in its classic series, the P1990 Corsa D7B, designed for Group A cars (produced up to 3) in size 235 40/17.

This new dry asphalt tire combines a completely revised construction with a wear-optimized hard compound. This construction, specially developed by Pirelli engineers, perfectly complements the lowering characteristic of these cars, while optimizing the often rough handling. This design ultimately improves handling, increases safety and improves overall performance.

Manufactured in the Izmit factory, known in Turkey as the ‘Factory of Champions’, the P7 Corsa D3B pays homage to the past with the white Pirelli logo and historical markings, like all other tires in the P7 Classic range.

Miki Biasion, a two-time world champion who has spent most of his successful career with Pirelli and one of the new tyre’s ‘inventive fathers’, was also present at the launch event at the Porto Cervo service park.

Terenzio Testoni, Pirelli Rally Events Manager, explained: “This new tire was developed for cars like the Lancia Delta that made rally history. The P7 Corsa Classic D3B represents an evolution of our range of hard paste asphalt tires that drivers have always loved. This new tire brings state-of-the-art technology to historic rally cars, improving performance and safety as a result of our experience in events around the world.”

Engineered to perform well in a wide variety of conditions and terrains, the P7 Corsa Classic Series has been engineered to offer innovative technologies that meet the needs of historic rally drivers as well as classic rally car collectors.

The new hard D3B tire is designed for stages of 25 kilometers or longer with highly abrasive asphalt and temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius. It positions itself next to the medium paste P10 Corsa Classic D30, which is offered for normal asphalt floors at ambient temperatures between 7 and 5 degrees. There is also the soft paste P0 Corsa Classic D15 for smooth asphalt at ambient temperatures of 7-7 degrees Celsius. Finally, the P7 Corsa Classic W7 is also available for wet or mixed wet and damp floors.

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