Podge’s Parkinson’s run is a must for rally car enthusiasts this weekend

Posted: 6:55 PM Aug 6, 2021

RALLY CAR enthusiasts should buckle up and get ready to head to Knockninny Country House and Marina, Derrylin, for the second annual Podge’s Run to benefit Parkinson’s Support Fermanagh.
If headlights and spoilers are your thing, make your way to Knockninny this Saturday morning, August 7th, where members of the Irish Ford Escort Club and Retro Car Owners Club showcase some lovingly maintained rally cars and other vehicles from the period Will exhibit in 1985.
While Mk II Escorts take center stage, fans of a certain age can also tour the Audi Quattro, Vauxhall Vectra and Ford Sierra Cosworth to talk to the proud owners about routes and suspension.
Kelly Motorsport‘s Frank Kelly will arrive in his MK II ‘Baby Blue’ Ford Escort, and YouTuber Marcus Hayes, an avowed petrolhead obsessed with all things old-school Ford, will also be there to check out the Ford -Models to view.
Padraig Murphy, of Derrylin, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over 15 years ago, but he has turned a time that many would describe as unsafe into an opportunity.
The concept behind the fundraiser is really Podge’s love for retro cars and rallies and how he used it as an opportunity to raise awareness and donations for Parkinson’s support Fermanagh.
“I just want to share the message that with resilience, a positive attitude, and great family and friends, you can continue to enjoy life with Parkinson’s and do what you love most,” Podge told the Herald.
The booking for the Summit Retro Car Show is now closed and the line-up so far includes Ford Escorts and Capris, classic Minis and VW Beetles.
So if you want to travel back in time to the golden era of Irish and British rallying, come to the vehicles on display in Knockninny on Saturday 7th August, which will be open to the public from 11 a.m.
There will be opportunities to donate to Parkinson’s Support Fermanagh throughout the day, and food and drink will be available at Knockninny Country House & Marina.
The next day, the show vehicles drive in convoy to the Summit Run, which will take place on Sunday the 8th in Blacklion, which specializes in the acquisition and sale of vintage memorabilia.
Head to Knockninny to see the choice of cars and see how a man and his family have overcome adversity to still enjoy Irish motorsport. And of course, to donate to Parkinson’s Support Fermanagh. Alternatively, donate through the Parkinsons Support Fermanagh or Summit Run Facebook pages.

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Posted: 6:55 PM Aug 6, 2021

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