Porsche Motorsport North America builds engines for Singer Restomods

A lot has already happened in 2022, and the first 14 days are far from over. Well, here is another log for the bonfire of world events: As reported by Top equipment, Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) has signed a contract with the Porsche 911 Restomodder Singer for the construction of the overhauled Singer engines. So far, Porsche has spent much of its public relationship with Singer forcing the Californian restorer to make it clearer that Porsche and Singer are not related. It began not long after Singer’s popularity explosion when Porsche announced that there was no Singer 911, and the cars became Porsche 911s “Reimagined by Singer”. Their conflict lasted until less than a year ago when Porsche insisted that the Porsche branding on Singer’s ACS rally car could make it appear that ACS is a Porsche product. Singer has removed the ACS from its website.

We’re sure the ice hasn’t fully thawed yet, but this message means there’s a localized hotspot in Carson, California. There, in the Porsche Experience Center, PMNA has its headquarters and its usual work around the sale and service of customer racing team vehicles. The overhauled engines for Singer will only be the naturally aspirated 3.8 and 4.0 liter six cylinder engines built by Ed Pink Racing Engines of Van Nuys, California. The 4.0 liter 500 horsepower engines for the Singer DLS vehicles, developed with Williams Advanced Engineering, will continue to be built in the UK by Nicholson McLaren.

Stressing that this is only an assembly agreement, both parties agree in declarations that the engines will be built to Singer standards. Top equipment wrote that “Singer believes that owners of the cars can tell a difference by comparing old and new engines directly.” We can’t imagine Singer allowing much variation, but if nothing else, we imagine that the engines being repaired by the mothership will only make Singers more desirable and valuable among the absurdly demanding Porsche crowd. We are also willing to bet that the collaboration will grow if this works and both companies can maintain their different brand areas in the joint projects – Porsche in particular.

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