Raphael’s rage nearly killed a classic Ninja Turtles villain

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 121 sees Raphael’s escalating anger almost gain the upper hand when he almost kills a classic Turtles villain.

WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 121, which are now available for purchase at IDW.

Tensions in Mutant Town have been rising for over a year and have recently boiled over. During the Sally Pride rally to unify Mutant Town, ahead of the first open election, the Mutanimals opened fire on the crowd, injuring many and turning a happy occasion into war. Worse, Old Hob had nothing to do with the attack, though that didn’t stop him from bearing the brunt of the outrage. Not only did Mutant Town residents come here for his blood, but Raphael’s rampant anger was almost that of Old Hob in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 121 (by Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Sophie Campbell, Jodi Nishijima, Ronda Pattison, Shawn Lee) Costs Lives, and Bobby Curnow).

When gunfire rang out through Mutant Town for the first time, the crowd at the receiver end panicked. The Turtles could defeat the riflemen before they could do much damage, but it was the citizens of Mutant Town who stood up to end the fight. When the mob reached the Mutanimals headquarters, they weren’t interested in giving Old Hob a chance to explain, and only through the intervention of the young mutant weasel, Zanna, Old Hob wasn’t beaten to death in the place. Hob took the chance to escape, but Raphael caught up with him and for a moment gave in to his anger at the classic Ninja Turtles villain.

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After landing a few furious blows on the villain, Raphael drives the end of his season through Old Hob’s shoulder and into the wall behind him, pinning Hob painfully. Only when Michelangelo comes across them can he pull Raphael out of the villain and free him from the vicious state that has gripped him.

It’s not surprising that Raphael cracks down on Old Hob so violently, considering the story between them. While there was a time when they fought together as Mutanimals, Hob’s manipulations resulted in Raphael inadvertently helping to detonate the mutagen bomb that created Mutant City in the first place. Despite all the heartwarming moments between the mutated residents, the act that led them to the life they lead now was without question an act of terrorism. Raphael may not have known what he was getting into or helping to get it going, but all he can do is hate himself and Hob every time he looks back.

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Fortunately, Raphael didn’t cross that line, a worry that has been brewing for some time. Killing Hob wouldn’t be the greatest crime in Mutant Town, but it would set a dangerous precedent and deal a devastating blow to the reputation of the Splinter clan as heroes.

What happens next in relation to Old Hob is not clear, nor is Raphael. With a little luck, at least one of them will find a way to process what has torn them apart before it boils over again with deadly consequences.

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