Renee Brinkerhoff and Valkyrie Racing fight child trafficking

Racing teams around the world use their platforms to stand up for what they believe in, whether it’s social justice, medical awareness or protesting an unjustified act. Renee Brinkerhoff and the Valkyrie Racing Team decided to use their platform to take a stand and raise awareness about the atrocities of child trafficking around the world.

Renee and her team started the Project 356 in Mexico in 2013 at the La Carrera Panamericana. The Project 356 would take Valkyrie Racing across 7 continents and take part in rally races such as the Targa Tasmania in Australia, the Caminos Del Inca in Peru and the nascent rally Beijing to Paris participate in China ending in France, the East African Classic Rally covering over 3,000 miles of treacherous terrain and finally the Antarctica Ice Challenge. To compete in these rallies, Renee used a modified 1956 Porsche, but for Project 356’s final rally, the Antarctica Ice Challenge, Renee and Valkyrie Racing had to modify the car even further for the harsh winter conditions.

The Antarctica Ice Challenge is a 356-mile journey from Union Glacier to the South Pole and back. The 1956 Porche 356 was designed to combat sub-zero operating temperatures that can reach -58 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also equipped with skis and caterpillars, with a recommended driving speed of 40 km/h to ensure component durability.

Renee Brinkerhoff and the Valkyrie Racing Team completed their Antarctic Challenge and Project 356 in December 2021, but the fight against child trafficking continues. The team has already raised over $600,000 for the cause, but every dollar makes a difference. To help Renee Brinkerhoff and the Valkyrie Racing Team with their cause, visit

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