Singer builds his very first turbocharged 911 and of course we want it

Is the “Turbo Study” the ultimate analogue turbo driving machine?

Singer - Singer builds his first ever turbocharged 911 and of course we want it - News

Earlier this year, California-based Porsche tuner Singer Vehicle Design took the lid off its latest 911-based project dubbed “Turbo Study.” The plan? To build the first Singer ever without a naturally aspirated engine.

The step towards turbocharging may have initially caused a stir, but now we have wind of further details of the turbo study and doubts were of course unjustified. The latest Singer looks like another dream car for the lottery winning shopping list, and we’re dying for one.

Singer - Singer builds his first ever turbocharged 911 and of course we want it - News

Once again, Singer will use the framework of the 964 version of the Porsche 911 to build the production version of the turbo study. The Californian company teased us with new images of the turbocharged Restomod, and the car features Singer’s signature widebody styling, a “Whale Tale” rear wing, a center-mounted hood fuel cap, and carbon-fiber elements over the front splitter and shark fin mount. The car on display is painted Turbo White with green racing stripes, but Singer customizes every aspect of the Turbo study’s paintwork and upholstery to suit the owner’s preferences. That is, provided they have enough pockets to pay the staggering fees associated with the brand.

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Speaking of upholstery, the car’s interior has been adorned with a variety of classic Porsche touches, including houndstooth “green” finishes on the doors and lightweight carbon-fiber seats, an analog instrument cluster, and an old-school steering wheel design.

Singer - Singer builds his first ever turbocharged 911 and of course we want it - News

Under the bonnet lies a 3.8-litre, air-cooled, six-cylinder “Mezger” turbocharged engine with bespoke water-to-air intercoolers and electronic wastegates. The engine delivers 503 hp to the beefy rear tires via a six-speed manual transmission. If the Turbo Study performs anything like other Singer models, expect it to be one of the best driver cars out there right now.

We’re yet to hear any details about the Turbo study’s pricing, but we can’t imagine this machine coming cheap. We’ve gotten used to Singer’s six-figure prices, and the Turbo study should be well within that range. Regardless, we can’t wait to see this pocket rocket hit the streets.

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