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In a ‘shitbox’, Daniel Acheson prepares to drive 2,000 miles from New South Wales to South Australia with his pal for the Cancer Council. He’s doing it for his car-loving father Paddy, who was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer. “I couldn’t say no to that and it’s going to be a unique experience,” said Mr. Acheson. “Given Dad’s circumstances, this is a great opportunity for me to raise awareness.” Dad is quite emotional, but he’s very proud. “He loves his cars, but he hasn’t passed on any knowledge. I’m useless, if we break down I have no idea.” He said the news of the diagnosis was tough. “It’s very surreal that there was a little bit of disbelief,” he said. “As dad’s journey continues, we’re coming to terms with it.” “It is what it is and we try to be together as a family as much as possible.” Mr. Acheson and Lachlan Buckley have raised more than $8000 at the Rally March 26th at Hay towards Adelaide.


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