Stand out from the crowd with this incredible 2JZ swapped street rod

A digital artist has created this amazing street style hot rod based on a 1932 Ford Coupe with push rod suspension and wonderful detailing.

Whenever we look at a digital auto-render, we can always find something surprising. You can get anything in this world from a world rally version of the Mitsubishi Colt to resto-mod muscle cars and mod supercars. However, Renderer AR Visual 3D Design did something different. They took a classic from 1932 ford coupe and turned it into a street style hot rod and modified it into a 2JZ powered creation with push rod suspension and some pretty wild looks.

Study the Street Rod in detail

This is certainly a very different rendering style. As is usual with hot rods and street rods, the front of the car is very exposed. We can also see that beautifully modified front suspension with the springs and everything else in all its glory. The detailing is absolutely superb, and that’s before we even get to the engine. Sitting in that street bar where the hood would be is a rather powerful looking 2JZ engine. While hot rods would normally have a big ole V8 with a massive blower, the renderer thinks it looks badass with its big 2JZ engine sitting in the engine bay. If you love renders like this, be sure to subscribe to HotCars Premium to see what the 2024 Dodge eMuscle could look like in our exclusive digital render.

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The rest of the 2JZ Street Rod

The rest of the rendering is pretty interesting too. The Street Rod sits on Toyo tires, more specifically they are Proxes and the profile they have confirms that this is a Street Rod and not just something for the drag strip or track. The body of the car is also interesting. The hashtags in the Instagram post suggest it’s a Ford body, and it’s a 1932 Ford coupe. It’s one of the classic hot rod outlines, but of course the renderer took a slightly different approach this time chosen.

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Not your average street rod

The 2JZ engine is something you wouldn’t expect at all, and is a huge departure from the usual V8-powered road poles. The exposed nature of the front is classic hot rod, however, and allows us to see all the 2JZ goodness that drives this creation. The attention to detail in the engine area and also in the chassis is simply unbelievable. There are a few other interesting touches too, like the quirky looking headlights on the front of the car and the black and red hollowed out wheel design that works really well.

Source: Instagram page richter.cgi

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